Derek Guetter Crashes During Backflip [video]

ATV freestyler Derek Guetter makes his living pulling off tricks on his ATV that most of us wouldn’t even consider. We showed you his first successful backflip on at ATV in a previous post. Unfortunately, we now have to show you his first unsuccessful backflip.

Guetter was in Indianapolis for the Nuclear Cowboyz tour when things didn’t go quite as planned. Guetter was getting the crowd amped up with a variety of tricks before he planned to wow them with his signature backflip. This time, however, Guetter came up short on the landing and crashed. Check out the video after the jump.

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Derek Guetter Lands 75-foot Back Flip [video]

The folks at LP Motocross put together a fantastic video of ATV freestyler Derek Guetter preparing for and landing his first ever back flip to dirt.

Though the clip is under two minutes in length, you get to watch Guetter make a few practice jumps into a foam pit before he tries to land it on dirt. You can also see just how much the entire process meant to him as he celebrates wildly at the end of the video.

Guetter is currently travelling across the United States on the Nuclear Cowboyz Tour with some of the top two-wheel freestyle riders on the planet. Check out the video after the jump.

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