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Carlson Shines as TerraCross Racing Returns to ERX Motor Park

After a multi-year hiatus, TerraCross racing made a triumphant return to ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minn. and Andrew Carlson stole the show.

A hybrid motocross track littered with obstacles awaited both Utility ATV and Side-x-Side competitors. With a deal in place to broadcast the four-race series on CBS Sports Network, the Pro Side-x-Side field was bursting with top-level talent including Jeff Loyd, Doug Gust, Daryl Rath, and snowmobile backcountry extraordinaire Chris Burandt. Yet it was Carlson in his Muscle Milk Polaris RZR that took the checkers with a win on Friday, followed by Lloyd and Gust.

Combining elements of motocross with a variety of man-made obstacles including telephone poles, rock fields, mud pits, and massive timbers, TerraCross is the ultimate test of machine and driver. Faced with a 10-lap final, drivers must manage the desire the go for it while protecting their equipment as they pound through massive boulders and launch off huge tractor tires.

While Carlson’s win on Friday had everyone in the stands buzzing, it was his come from behind podium on Saturday afternoon that was perhaps even more impressive. Faced with a back row start in a field of 10 pro finalists, Carlson emerged from the turn one melee’ in seventh place. He then carefully managed the 10-lap race to work his way through the field to eventually find himself in the final podium position. While the battle to this point would have been a perseverance victory alone, Carlson wanted more and mounted one final bid for second place. With legendary off-road racer Daryl Rath in front of him and the finish line in sight; Carlson squared up his RZR and mashed the gas over the tires and final jump, rocketing himself past Rath and onto the second podium box. Gust, meanwhile, cruised to the victory by 9.5 seconds.

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