The Evolution of the ATV Backflip + Video
From the first ATV backflip landed on a snow drift to insane backflip combinations, the sport of ATV freestyle continues to evolve.
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An ATV Freestyle Christmas + Video
No ugly sweater Christmas party will measure up after you see this wild video of Santa Clause, Rudolph and X Games Gold Medalist Colten Moore throwing down.
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ATV Freestyle Like You've Never Seen Before + Video
This team of ATV freestyle riders takes on a different approach to wowing the crowd and we've got to say it's incredibly impressive.
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When Freestyle ATV Riding Goes Wrong + Video
There is a steep learning curve to riding freestyle motocross and more often then not, riders take a few diggers along the way.
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Caleb Moore to Backflip a RZR at SEMA [Video]
Caleb Moore will attempt to flip his Polaris Ranger RZR at the 2011 SEMA show.It was only a matter of time before somebody would try. Give an adrenaline-fuel…
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Derek Guetter Out Three Months After Crash
ATV freestyler and back flipper extraordinaire Derek Guetter suffered a bad crash during a practice session for the Nuclear Cowboyz tour and will be on the s…
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Derek Guetter Crashes During Backflip [video]

ATV freestyler Derek Guetter makes his living pulling off tricks on his ATV that most of us wouldn’t even consider. We showed you his first successful backflip on at ATV in a previous post. Unfortunately, we now have to show you his first unsuccessful backflip.

Guetter was in Indianapolis for the Nuclear Cowboyz tour when things didn’t go quite as planned. Guetter was getting the crowd amped up with a variety of tricks before he planned to wow them with his signature backflip. This time, however, Guetter came up short on the landing and crashed. Check out the video after the jump.

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Video Game Preview – 2XL ATV Offroad
A new racing game is out for the iPhone and iPod Touch – 2XL ATV Offroad.

2XL ATV Offroad calls itself the “hottest action-packed racing game to hit the iPhone or iPod Touch.” It features 16 ATV Supercross and Outdoor National tracks, two freestyle levels, up to 16 stunts and a “massive” career mode.

The game, which retails for $4.99, allows users to choose between 250cc and 450cc ATVs, as well as hundreds of ATV and rider skin combinations. Multiplayer mode is available, which allows you to race other users. You can check out a trailer of the game after the break.

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Video Game Review – Snow ATV
In our efforts to help you waste as much time at work as possible, we stumbled across a free ATV game you may be interested in – Snow ATV.

Unlike basically everything other ATV game we’ve seen, Snow ATV is not racing game or a freestyle game. It’s set up more as an ATV obstacle course.

As it’s completely free (except for the 30 second advertisement at the beginning), there’s really not a lot too Snow ATV. Controls are very simple – everything is controlled with the arrow keys. We found the controls to be pretty touchy, but you’ll get the hang of things in a few minutes.

The game is broken down into levels and each level is basically a straight line – no turns at all. Of course, there are plenty of obstacles in the way. You’ll have to climb over rocks, trees, tires, cars across a slippery snowy landscape.

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Derek Guetter Lands 75-foot Back Flip [video]

The folks at LP Motocross put together a fantastic video of ATV freestyler Derek Guetter preparing for and landing his first ever back flip to dirt.

Though the clip is under two minutes in length, you get to watch Guetter make a few practice jumps into a foam pit before he tries to land it on dirt. You can also see just how much the entire process meant to him as he celebrates wildly at the end of the video.

Guetter is currently travelling across the United States on the Nuclear Cowboyz Tour with some of the top two-wheel freestyle riders on the planet. Check out the video after the jump.

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Huevos 12 Trailer