ITP Releases Quadcross MX2 Tire

ITP has added to its lineup of ATV motocross tires with the new Quadcross MX2 froont tire.

ITP calls the MX2 the most advanced ATV motocross tire to date and says it features a revolutionary tread pattern and revamped construction.

Making the tread pattern stand out is a row of dimpled centerline lugs for forward traction, as well as twin rows of angled off-center lugs and strategically placed outer wall lugs for improved side bite. The carcass construction of the new Quadcross MX2 is infused with more natural rubber, which ITP says produces a harder tire compound to improve cornering and straight-line traction. Engineered specifically for motocross tracks, ITP boasts this new front tire delivers more predictable handling and industry-leading side bite.

“The Quadcross MX2 is engineered to outperform the competition by offering superior traction and handling while also offering controllable side bite,” says Pat McGuire, public relations / race support at ITP. “Our team of engineers did a fabulous job designing a well-rounded performance motocross tire that is at the forefront of ATV racing.”

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