Johnny Angal Breaking in His 2017 Race RZR With a Memorable Burnout + Video
If you get a free machine from an OEM and you're going to tear it down to the frame an rebuild it anyway, why not have a little fun before hand?
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Johnny Angal Letting Off Some Steam + Video
When Johnny Angal needs to break in his trophy truck for the next BITD race but doesn't have time to take it to the desert.
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UTV Inc. Wins Baja 1000 in RZR XP 4 1000

(Photo courtesy Vincent Knakal //

This year’s point-to-point Baja 1000 was 1,275 miles of brutal terrain testing both machine and driver. Polaris RZR went into the race as the defending champion, and the Scrambler XP 1000 made a maiden voyage with Team UXC racing at the helm.

Nineteen side-by-sides, including 13 RZRs, started the race and eight side-by-sides, six being RZRs, managed to finish. First-time Baja 1000 driver of record, Johnny Angal of UTV Inc., and his drivers Brian Bush, Branden Sims and Justin Quinn, in their No. 1919 RZR XP 4 1000 won the grueling race. Jagged X in the No. 1932 with drivers Matt Parks, Brandon Schueler and Craig Scanlon took second.

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