Sometimes the Mud Wins + Video
When your buddy states the obvious Among other things, comedian Jeff Foxworthy is known for his “state the obvious” here’s your sign jokes.…
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2016 Can-Am Renegade X Mr 1000R Unveiled
BRP has been at the forefront of the mud riding segment and it further cemented its mud riding status with the new 2016 Renegade X mr 1000R.
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Muddy Spring ATV Ride in Alberta [video]

One of the things I like most about YouTube are the ride videos people put together. Admittedly most aren’t very well produced (too long!), but you can usually find a few good ones.

I found this one (posted May 5, 2010) about an ATV ride on some private property in Baytree, Alberta (Canada) that was shot in April as the snow was still melting.

Anybody who’d ever ridden in the early spring knows it can be messy, and this video shows ATVers having plenty of fun in the mud and some deep water. Check it out after the jump.

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Don't Try This at Home: Muddy Crash [video]

Sometimes you come across a video and you just don’t know what to say. This is one of those times, but I’ll do my best to string a few words together before the video – available after the jump.

It all starts out well enough. A group of friends is riding ATVs and one of them decides to either jump over or jump into a mud pit on his ATV. Of course, our hero is wearing ideal protection, highlighted by a hoodie and a ball cap. Clearly he’s thought this through.

As you might expect, things don’t go quite according to plan and the rider flies over the handlebars and into the murky depths. He’s pulled out relatively unscathed and manages to find his beloved cap. It’s only after the jump (awesome slow-mo replay included) that we learn the pilot broke his collarbone a few weeks prior playing football. Hopefully this accident won’t affect his ability to continue his work as a neurosurgeon.

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Dealer Expo Spotlight: J-Wheelz