Muzzys Introduces Dual Exhaust System for Outlander 1000

It’s hard to think of a reason that you’d need even more power than the robust Can-Am Outlander 1000 already provides, but sometimes it’s fun just to see what is possible. The folks at Muzzys are trying their best to push the power envelope with a new dual exhaust system for the horsepower-rich Outlander.

“This full stainless steel system features tuned, equal length head pipes that merge into a large collector and out into dual oval mufflers,” Muzzys says in a release. “Front and rear integrated oxygen sensors allow for the easy addition of an air/fuel meter for easy tuning. Canister finishes are available in mirror polished, brushed or black coated. For noise sensitive areas the mufflers include a modular quiet core and spark arrestor.”

For the less adventurous, a single muffler version and slip-on system is also available.

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Muzzys Introduces 995cc Big Bore Kit for RZR XP 900

Even though the stock engine in the Polaris Ranger RZR XP 900 is wickedly fast, some people just want to go faster. Fortunately Muzzys has stepped up with a big bore kit to please the go-fast crowd.

“The Muzzy 995cc billet aluminum big bore kit for the XP 900 is at the top of the field in terms of performance, quality and overall value, Muzzys says in a release.

The precision machined billet cylinder features a closed deck designed for improved cylinder rigidity and better head gasket sealing. The design also incorporates larger water jackets for better cooling.

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