Garmin Tread Off-Road GPS System Review

My wife and I were cruising down a new-to-us trail with her parents in tow driving their Polaris Ranger. We kept going for a while and it soon became apparent that none of us were sure where we were and cell reception was non-existent. My mother-in-law asked if we were lost, and I quipped, “Can’t be. I have been lost before, and this looks nothing like that place.” My bad joke went over about as well as you’d expect. There were two things that were readily apparent that we needed on that ride – GPS and communication between the machines. What we really needed was the new Garmin Tread that combines accurate GPS and trail maps, along with machine-to-machine communication and tracking. I’ve been using the system now for a while and find it to be more useful than I ever thought it would be.

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