STI Offering 2+5 Offset on HD2se Wheels for Polaris Owners

STI is now offering the 12×7 HD2se wheel in a unique 2+5 offset, which addresses several tire and wheel issues for Polaris owners. No other aftermarket wheel is currently available in these dimensions.

STI says Polaris ATV riders have found that it’s difficult to use a front tire wider than nine inches. A tire that’s 10 inches wide or more will cause clearance problems and rub the chassis on the inside. The STI HD2se 2+5 wheel allows the use of wider tires, often the desired setup for mud riders. A set of these wheels also widens the stance by six inches over stock, adding lateral stability without the need for spacers.

Polaris RZR owners will benefit from this wheel as well. Many aftermarket wheels create clearance issues with the right rear engine mount.

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