STI Tires Buyer's Guide

There are the big ATV/UTV tire companies that have multiple branches and have additional products like auto and light truck tires, agriculture tires and more. Many of these companies have been around for years and they are well known. Then there are the smaller tire companies that focus on a few select areas and build a solid reputation by making outstanding tires and wheels that perform and last. STI Powersports is one such company. It has built a strong reputation and there is some buzz these days around the industry about STI Tires. Whether you have an ATV or a UTV, there is an STI tire for you.

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STI Releases New Vortex V-Roll Line of Sand Tires

STI Tire & Wheel boasts that it is transforming sand tire technology with the introduction of the all-new Vortex V-Roll line of tires.

“The Vortex V-Roll is a game changer for owners of large displacement UTVs,” STI says in a release. “Designed specifically for big-bore side-by-sides, this tire delivers the high performance needed for heavier, high-horsepower applications.”

This lightweight, 4-ply tire is being introduced in a 27×11-14 front and a 27×14-14 rear. By mounting on a 14-inch wheel, STI says the result is a super-wide, high-flotation footprint that keeps the machine on top of the sand instead sinking in. Also, this tire was designed to achieve a very low-profile sidewall to enhance handling by minimizing tire flex and lateral roll. According to STI, the sizing ensures proper front and rear brake clearance for all popular UTV applications.

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