Somehow He Still Manages to Drive This UTV Across The Finish Line + Video
This is what determination looks like Try telling this guy that all your tires need to be pointing in the same direction in order to cross the finish line an…
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DragonFire Offering Tough Tie Rods for Can-Am Maverick

It’s probably safe to assume that the majority of Can-Am Maverick and Maverick Max owners like to ride fast and hard. To help protect your investment, DragonFire suggests upgrading from the hollow aluminum tie rods to its tougher tie rods.

“DragonFire has found that the stock tie rods can be the first thing to go during aggressive driving,” says product development manager, Brice Ginn. “As always, we went to the drawing board and designed a set of tie rods that hold up to the punishment DragonFire likes to dish out.”

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