How To Break In Your ATV's Engine + Video

The first thing most of us want to do when we take home a new ATV is squeeze the throttle and start going fast. While that is a good way to get your adrenaline fix, it’s not the best thing for your ATV’s engine.

To help consumers get the most out of their machines, Yamaha is putting together a series of Sport ATV tech tip videos. The first video, which you can see below, smartly tackles the dos and don’ts of breaking in a new engine.

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Yamaha Announces New Special Edition YFZ450R

Yamaha has unveiled a new Black and Crimson 2014 Special Edition YFZ450R to round out its roster of Sport ATVs that now includes four models this year. The new SE YFZ450R joins Yamaha’s existing 2014 SE sport models including a Midnight Blue Raptor 700R, Metallic Grey/White Raptor 700R and a Crimson Red and Black YFZ450R.

Each of the 2014 SE models gets aggressive styling with unique color schemes and graphics. The YFZs also receive a GYTR front grab bar while the big Raptors get GYTR front grab bars and GYTR heel guards. Each 2014 SE model is being assembled at the Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America in Newnan, Ga., for worldwide distribution.

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