Last weekend’s X-Factor Whitetails GNCC race in Peru, Indiana started out like so many others this season. Walker Fowler lead much of the race and had a 10-second lead over second place as he approached the finish line. In what can only be described as a devastating turn of events, Fowler ran out of fuel just one hundred feet or so from the finish line.

In an effort to help the champ in a moment of need, several spectators jumped the barrier and aided Fowler in pushing his YFZ450R across the finish line. Unfortunately, this is against the official rules as riders must push the machine across the line under their own power. Though Fowler was penalized, it’s likely he would have achieved the same finish either way as the second through third place riders were not far behind him. In true Walker Fowler form, he shared a statement on his Facebook page clearing the air and letting the spectators know that he held no ill-will towards them and genuinely appreciates their efforts to help.

This video below captures the whole episode as well as the aftermath and Fowler’s response.



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