Seven months after city council in Hutchinson, Kansas was asked to shut down an ATV riding area, one industrious rider is working to find a way to keep the area open for riding.

According to a story on, Jason McDade is set to lease the land from the city in order to keep the trails open.

McDade started a company called Riveratz Inc. and has been working persistently to towards his goal of allowing ATV riders to continue to enjoy the ride area. He is expecting to have his lease on the city council agenda for May 3.

McDade is being lauded for his efforts to work with the local government.

“You’re the perfect example of how government should work,” Hutchinson council member Jade Piros de Carvalho told McDade, which was reported by

“All it takes is a little more initiative and a little less sleep,” McDade said.

If the lease successfully goes through city council, riders will be able to use the land only if they become members of Riveratz, which will cost $100 per year for an individual or $200 for a family.




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Jason McDade says:

Kool, Thank you for the support. Getting the word out helps. ” Family’s That Play Together Play Together” Riveratz. Please Like and share our page.

Jason McDade says:

“Families That Play Together Stay Together” Riveratz!

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