One of the best days in an off-road enthusiast’s life is getting that new or used machine. Whether it’s brand new or just new to you, you feel like you are on top of the world.

While used machines can offer a great value, before running out and spending your hard-earned money on a previously enjoyed ATV or UTV you should slow down and consider the purchase. I could list hundreds of quotes from readers who had carelessly bought ATVs or UTVs and then only weeks after the purchase disaster strikes.

To help you avoid the same pitfalls, I’ll take you through several things I look for when buying used, as well as small tells that might tip you off to a sour apple. First things first, know the machine you are going to potentially purchase. Research the off-road ride online and maybe even visit a dealership to get an idea of what to expect to see when you visit potential machines. Make some mental notes of how the machine looks new and compare that to what you see in the used market.

You will never really know what you are getting in the used market, but hopefully you can be a little better informed when buying just by taking a little time to research. Do not let the excitement of getting that new off-road vehicle cause you to lose your mind after the purchase!



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  • Gaurav Sharma

    This content is very much informative. The comparison provided herein will help you decide if a new or used ATV is best for you.