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Sometimes Those Trees Just Jump Out of Nowhere + Video


It seems like it’s often times the littlest obstacles that can do the most damage. To make matters worse, sometimes trees just jump out of nowhere…this guy has no chance. We’re not really sure what he was trying to accomplish in the first place. ATV.com recommends...

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You Know You’re a Boss When You Wheelie Down the Drag Strip + Video


For most drag racers, when the front end comes up, they back off the throttle....

That’s One Way To Take a Family Photo + Video


What is a family of 10 to do when they want to capture just how...

Well That’s One Way To Break in a New Motor + Video


When it comes time to break in a new motor, some people are of the...

Hill Climb Action From Stoney Lonesome Off-Road Park + Video


They take their hill climbing seriously in the south and Stoney Lonesome Off-Road Park doesn’t...

Guy Narrates as UTVs Drive Down Backdoor and It’s Amazing + Video


For those who may not be familiar, “Backdoor” is a rather infamous obstacle at the...

When You Fight Old Man Winter and Lose


Old Man Winter rears his ugly head in a lot of different ways, but it...

Neighborhood RZR Water Park + Video


The downside of getting a whole bunch of snow is that when it melts all...

When Snow Bikes and RZRs Take Over a Ski Resort + Video


Having some level of celebrity status certainly opens the door for opportunities that the rest of...

ATVs and Swift Currents Don’t Mix + Video


Should you feel the need to cross a river or a stream, always take two...

Watch This ATV Yard Sale Down a Mountain + Video


We’ve seen a lot of ATVs rolling down hills over the years, but this one...

Guy Walks His 4×4 ATV Over an Obstacle + Video


Sometimes you stumble across things on the internet that leave you wondering “what on earth...

When Being a Good Samaritan Backfires + Video


Don’t you just hate it when that happens? This guy is just being a good...

Top 4 UTV Crash Videos of 2016


2016 brought some of the wildest and most insane crashes we’ve seen to date. Fortunately,...

Another UTV Pilot Chasing the Backflip + Video


Over a decade ago, the backflip was considered the holy grail of freestyle motocross competition....

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