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From detailed reviews of the latest ATVs and UTVs produced by our video team to some funny and informative things we find on YouTube, our video section brings you the best of the best.

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan + Video


A steep hill, a large crowd and a camera is all it takes for some people to flip the switch and attempt to tackle anything. The “Instigator” gave a noble effort but this crazy climb won out in the end.

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The Best of Sand Hollow State Park + Video


Utah is one of the most off-road friendly states in the USA. It’s also one...

The Ride – Unadilla ATV MX National + Video


Check out all the action from round 9 of the ATV National Motocross racing series...

How It’s Made: An Inside Look at FMF Exhaust + Video


From raw materials to bolt-on horsepower, take a peak inside the “Flying Machine Factory” known...

Guy Mics His Wife Up For Her First RZR Ride + Video


If you’re looking to secure the wife’s blessing on a new purchase, we’re not sure...

Quicksand Claims RZR and Maverick + Video


If you’ve ever driven an ATV or UTV in the sand then chances are pretty...

Turbo RZR Snow Jump + Video


Earlier this year we shared a video of Al Mcbeth attempting a new world distance...

Watch 3 Wheelers Fly Around an MX Track + Video


No, this is not a flashback of a 3 wheeler race from the 1980s. Tanner Pies...

Fast Lap with Joel Hetrick from Unadilla ATV MX National + Video


Unadilla MX has been on the national circuit for as long as we can remember....

Vintage Pro Riding Tips with Mickey Dunlap + Video


We love a good blast from the past and this vintage pro riding tips video from...

Porting Secrets From an Engine Building Icon + Video


If you’re not familiar with the name Arlan Lehman, we’re not surprised. Lehman is the...

Custom ATV features Independent Rear Suspension & 110 Horsepower + Video


You may have seen images or a even a video of the “Wraith 1000” floating around...

Hill Climb Mud Racing + Video


The folks down south aren’t deterred by a little foul weather, even if the weather...

Inside a Professional ATV Racing Program + Video


ATV racers don’t get a lot of credit in the world of powersports racing. Where...

R1 Powered Yamaha Raptor + Video


If we’re honest, some of the “hybrid” ATVs we’ve come across leave a lot to be desired....

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