Off-Road Trails: Massachusetts

The state might be small, but there are several great off-road riding locations

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Massachusetts doesn't have as many riding areas open to SXS vehicles as some other states, but the places that are open for families to enjoy their vehicles make the best of the available land.

Two state forest systems are vastly different from each other. While one has more of a laid-back, cruising-friendly trail system, the other has a tough mudder-style of trail system with steep hills, rocky terrain, and challenging mud puddles. Then, you have the ultimate track and trail system at the other riding area in this state.

With the state being compact in size, riders are never far away from supplies when venturing out to these trails. Make sure you pack it in and pack it out when you go to these locations.

  • Size 22 Acres
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Charlton, Mass.

508 International

508 is a relatively small facility at 22 acres, but the park makes the most of the available riding area with tracks, open tree-lined trails, and more open riding area to enjoy in your SXS. In addition to the off-road riding potential here, there are other activities like rock climbing, boarding, and slacklining, just to name a few. This facility is just off the thoroughfare, too, making it close to all the necessities.
ATV Trails massachusetts
  • Distance 16 Miles
  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Trailhead Pittsfield, Mass.

Pittsfield State Forest

If you're looking for tree-lined backroads to take your off-road vehicle on, the Pittsfield State Forest could be your ultimate destination in the state of Massachusetts. Pittsfield has many trails that are fast and smooth. In fact, there are about 16 miles total. If you're into hiking or mountain biking, there are also a ton of trails in this area for those activities. In total, the forest extends out for 11,000 acres and includes a large diversity of terrain.
  • Distance 16.4 Miles
  • Skill Level Experienced
  • Trailhead Monterey, Mass.

Beartown State Forest

Similar to the Pittsfield trail system, Beartown State Forest has about 16.4 miles of trails. However, the Pittsfield system is more geared towards beginners or those who want a relaxing ride, whereas the Beartown location has more challenging trails made up of chunk rock, mud puddles, tree roots, steep hilly sections, and loose terrain. Look for wildlife while you are at this location, and be sure you pay the fee at the entrance to the Ranger Station (fees are enforced May to Labor Day).
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