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Polaris Launches Online Marketplace for New and Used Vehicles

Polaris has launched a new online marketplace for buying and selling powersports vehicles. The Polaris Xchange portal allows customers to do all of their shopping online, with access to thousands of new and pre-owned vehicles across a network of participating dealerships. The Xchange also includes products from across the company’s powersports portfolio, including Polaris’ ATVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, Slingshot auto-cycles, and Indian motorcycles.

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What the Buck!?

When you bought your RZR, it came with pretty decent coilover shocks, likely with some adjustments that helped you dial in the ride quality. There is a group of designers, testers, engineers and, yes, lawyers, who all had input on the design of the shocks on your machine.

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Getting Hitched With Moose Utility

The folks over at Moose Utility want to help you get hitched. No, they are not starting a dating app, or putting on a reality TV show, as much fun as that would be. Instead, they want to help you get the most out of your ATV or UTV with a trailer hitch that can help you take full advantage of your machine’s towing capacity.

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Polaris Recalls Sportsman 450 and 570 ATVs

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Polaris has recalled 80,000 Sportsman 450 and 750 models built between 2021 and 2023, plus an additional 13,900 units sold in Canada.

The issue is that an improperly assembled wiring harness can contact the brake line or vehicle frame during use. This could cause a short circuit which can start a fire, and/or result in a loss of the use of the front brakes. Either of these situations is not particularly good and can cause burns, a loss of control, a crash, or any combination of these. Polaris recommends that owners not ride these ATVs and to contact a dealer to schedule a free repair.

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Get Straps That Work From Strapworks

Whether you have an ATV, UTV, motorcycles or any other piece of motorized equipment, you likely have a collection of tie-down straps. If you’re like me, you have a bunch, including your good ones that are your-go-to straps, and a pile of older straps that you bought for the sake of needing them at some point, but can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of. My wife jokes with me all the time that I have a vast collection of tie downs, but I only ever use a few. Those few that I use the most all came from Strapworks, and with good reason - they work.

American Made - For Real!

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Upgraded 2024 Polaris RZR XP Revealed

Since its introduction in 2014, the Polaris RZR XP has been one of the heavy hitters in the UTV world. Polaris has announced some major updates for the 2024 model that make it even faster, stronger, and more comfortable.

Packing a Punch

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Honda Updates Their Workhorse Pioneer and ForeTrax Models

Honda has announced updates for the Pioneer UTVs and ForeTrax ATVs for the 2023 and 2024 model years. Most of these changes are relatively minor, involving color changes and modest price increases.

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New 2023.5 Can-Am Outlander 500 & 700 Arrives

Can-Am has released a brand new Outlander 500 & 700 for model year 2023.5, attacking the heart of the market with plenty of fresh options.

Redesigning a high-performance or luxury machine, where cost is not a big factor, is an easy task in some ways compared to bringing out a brand new Outlander, a model that’s affordable and accessible for a wide-range of riders looking for both a fun ride and a machine to get the job done. For context, the mid-cc recite category represents more than 60 percent of the ATV industry, so these models are a big deal for Can-Am.

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Honda Announces 2023 Talon "S" Series

We've been eagerly anticipating what Honda has planned for its 2023 lineup, and today, we finally got our first look. Sort of.

American Honda announced what it calls the "S" series of Talon. If the pictures of the S series models look familiar, that's because they are identical to the 2022 lineup. The 2023 Talon 1000XS, Talon XS-4, and Talon 1000RS (plus the FOX Live Valve trims) are essentially the 2022 models with an "S" tacked onto the model name.

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Can-Am Sweeps King of the Hammers Desert UTV Pro Mod Class

They say a bad day at the track is better than a good day at work, but Can-Am could not have had a better day at both. At King of the Hammers, the Can-Am Factory Racing Team and their Maverick X3s swept all three podium positions in the UTV Pro Mod Class, as well as the top two positions in UTV Stock.

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Elka Suspension Tests Composite Springs at King of the Hammers

Everybody knows that springs are made of metal, right? That may be true now, but Elka Suspension is experimenting with springs made out of composite materials instead of good old-fashioned steel. In fact, Elka just put them to the test in some of the most extreme conditions possible at King of the Hammers.

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Where the Pavement Ends: Healing With Off-Road

Here's another installment in Can-Am's short film series, with a story of how a soldier returning from the battlefield found a way to work through his struggles by challenging himself with off-road adventure and surrounding himself with the scene and the family that comes with it all. See the video below and a brief press release beneath:

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Polaris Brings Back Popular Submodels

By popular demand, Polaris has announced the return of some trim levels and submodels previously dropped from the Ranger and Sportsman lines.

"We are constantly learning from the unique ways customers use our products," said Steve Menneto, President of Polaris Off Road. "From mudding to property maintenance, these vehicles are purpose-built with enhanced features that enable our customers to make the most of their day, and we're excited to bring them back for 2023."

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Review: 2023 Kawasaki Mule PRO-FX EPS LE

From modern farms and woodlots to the property owners who love outdoors projects, the Kawasaki Mule PRO-FX EPS LE is exactly the type of machine you want around when its time to get the job done.

In fact, our three-week loan of the Mule PRO-FX came at the ideal time, as a few big trees were set to come down at my family’s property up north to make sure they didn’t fall on the house. We also needed to build a new winter shelter for our machinery, and the Kawasaki was a great companion for both of these ventures.

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Coast to Coast on a Honda Big Red

Traveling from one coast to the other is pretty easy in a car or on a motorcycle. Routes like the Trans America Trail make it fairly easy to stick to dirt as much as possible. But Canadian military veteran Matthew Webb is taking the path less traveled, both literally and figuratively.

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Mix And Match: WORCS Allows Hybrid Machines in Pro ATV Class

A recent rule change in the World Off Road Championship Series (WORCS) may shake up the competition a bit. Hybrid ATVs no more than 450cc are now allowed in the Pro class. But it's not exactly what you might think!

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