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Best ATV Snow Plow Options

Winter might mean the end of riding season for some, but if you happen to have an ATV snow plow system, you can still get out and have fun while you work.

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Honda Unveils New Talon 1000R-4 FOX Live Valve Model

The Honda Talon is a popular addition to the sport UTV category, and Honda recently announced a new model that will add some additional stability to the 4-seat version - the Honda Talon 1000R-4 FOX Live Valve. This new model takes the four-person cabin of the Talon 1000X-4, and makes it wider and longer with increased suspension travel, giving you added stability and comfort while traveling at speed over rough terrain.

While they were at it, Honda took the three other FOX Live Valve versions—the Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve, Talon 1000X FOX Live Valve and Talon 1000R FOX Live Valve and gave them advancements that boost the comfort, suspension performance and styling.

"As we continue to develop our sport side-by-side offerings, the Talon 1000R-4 FOX Live Valve represents an important expansion in the market," said Brandon Wilson, American Honda Manager of Sports & Experiential. "The side-by-side experience is all about enjoying the outdoors with good company, and this new version makes that possible for more a broader spectrum of enthusiasts. We've listened carefully to dealer and customer feedback and the strategic upgrades that we've applied to all of the trim levels in the Talon 1000 FOX Live Valve lineup contribute to an elevated riding experience for drivers and passengers alike."

Developed and produced in the U.S., the FOX Live Valve versions have a new electric power-steering unit, updated ignition mapping, full-coverage doors, new aluminum wheels, improved accessory integration and new colors. It retains the popular Dual Clutch Transmission and i-4WD traction-aiding technology.

The Talon 1000R-4 FOX Live Valve takes the wide stance and long-travel suspension of the Talon 1000R FOX Live Valve and mates it to the four-seat cabin previously only available in the 1000X configuration.

Having spent time in the previous Talon 1000X-4 Live Valve, I can attest that adding additional travel and width is going to make this a potent high-speed recreation machine for you and your passengers. Look for a full test on this new model as soon as Honda has one to send my way!

The new Talon model comes in Pearl Red and Matte Navy Blue, carries an MSRP of $25,799 and should hit dealer showrooms in mid-June of 2023. For more information, go to the Honda website.

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Arctic Cat's New Customizable Prowler Pro S

Create the perfect utility UTV for work or play with over 50 OEM accessories readily available for you to customize your ride.

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Best ATV Brush Mowers

Cutting grass is one thing, but if you need to clear out some more extensive brush, you need a brush mower. As you know, your ATV is a versatile machine, and you can get a tow-behind brush mower that can make quick work of everything from weeds, shrubs and small trees, as well as stumps and, yes, grass. There are several types of brush mowers available, from finish mowers, rough cut, flail and more. Which one is perfect for your needs? We’re here to help you decide which of the best ATV brush mowers is right for you.

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Best Polaris RZR Seats For Added Comfort and Style

The Polaris RZR is considered to be one of, if not the best, high-performance UTVs on the market, so why wouldn’t you want a quality set of RZR seats to match? It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned racer, making a simple change like upgrading your RZR seats can make a huge difference in comfort when you’re behind the wheel. In addition to increased comfort, new seats provide an additional level of customization with different configurations and color options allowing you to infuse your own style into your Polaris RZR.

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Best ATV Phone Mounts For Tough Trails

If you are looking for a way to securely carry your phone on your next off-road adventure, these ATV phone mounts might be just what you need.

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Taking An Adventure and Making Memories In Yamaha's RMAX 1000

Ride along as we tackle powder-soft sand, technical rock crawling, fast roads, and cliffside trails on our way to see one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon in Yamaha's RMAX2 1000.

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Kawasaki Teases New 2024 Mule for June 6 Launch

Last month, we published evidence that Kawasaki is planning to launch a new Mule with a 999cc four-stroke gas-powered engine. It now appears that the official announcement is coming soon, as Kawasaki is teasing an "all-new STRONG workhorse" which will be revealed on June 6.

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Polaris Introduces the XPEDITION Adventure UTV

This is the first true adventure UTV, according to Polaris. Rather than a focus on speed or utility, the XPEDITION is made to take you, your family, and your gear deeper into the backcountry than ever before. It comes in two varieties: the XP with a traditional dumping cargo box, and the ADV with a full roof, covered cargo area, and a flat folding rear seat back. Both versions of the XPEDITION have a 60/40 flip-up rear seat.

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Honda Joins Raceco to Compete in Champ Series

That name may sound familiar. The new team taps into the already successful efforts of Raceco, an off-road racing business that already supports Talon competitors in a variety of racing series across the US. Raceco has fielded class-winning efforts in the SCORE International Baja 1000 and 500, as well as the Best in the Desert and Ultra 4 series. Now, with factory backing directly from Honda, the team will direct its efforts toward the Champ series.

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Moose Utility Division Introduces New UTV Brake Rotors

Moose Utility Division is introducing a new brake rotor for UTVs. The lazer cut rotors are made of 420 high carbon stainless steel and claim greater friction and durability than stock rotors. The rotors are available for $109.95 at local dealers or online at

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Best UTV Helmets To Protect Your Head

Comedian Ron White once had a joke about a guy who claimed he could withstand the wind from a category 5 hurricane. White’s punchline was, “It wasn’t THAT the wind was blowing, but rather WHAT the wind was blowing. If you get hit with a Volvo, it doesn’t matter how many sit-ups you can do.” It’s a funny bit, but also really quite true, and it has a bearing on whether or not you think UTV helmets are necessary.

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Best All-Terrain UTV Tires

For the UTV driver that wants the best tire that works well in a variety of terrains, we’ve put together a list of the best all-terrain UTV tires on the market. Whether you ride trails or mud, we picked out UTV tires that are perfect for your needs with a wide range of prices your wallet will love.

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VOOM Introduces Pay-Per-Mile ATV and UTV Insurance for Colorado

Pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance company VOOM is expanding to Colorado, and for the first time, adding coverage for off-road vehicles in the state. Though ATV and UTV coverage will only be in Colorado at first, VOOM says it soon expand to cover off-road vehicles in other states.

VOOM offers usage-based insurance that bases insurance rates on vehicle mileage instead of charging a flat fee. Unlike some per-mile insurance coverage for automobiles, VOOM doesn't use a tracking device to measure usage. Customers only have to send VOOM a photo of the odometer each month. The more you ride, the more you pay, but if you don't ride as often, you can save some money. And the vehicle is covered even if you don't put any miles on it in any particular month. VOOM claims customers can save as much as 60% compared to traditional insurance plans.

Here's what VOOM has to say:

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Polaris Ships First Electric Ranger XP Kinetic UTVs

Polaris has begun shipping the first XP Kinetic versions of its Ranger UTV. This model provides a huge upgrade in power and performance over the existing Ranger EV.

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2023 Can-Am Outlander 500 & 700 Review

The mid-CC segment is responsible for over half of all ATV sales in a given year, so redesigning the Outlander 450 and 570 was an important job for Can-Am. For 2023, the Canadian-based manufacturer has given us a brand new Outlander from the ground up, packing the new model with smart innovations, useful accessories and changing the model names in the process to the 500 and 700 while also adding the new PRO work-focused lineup. 

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