ARGO ATV and XTV– Models, Prices, Specs and Reviews

Argo ATV Feature

ARGO ATV models have been around since the 1960s. Ontario Drive & Gear is a Canadian manufacturer and it made its first 6-wheel amphibious vehicle in 1967 that was dubbed the Amphiat.

By 1971, an eight-wheeled ARGO ATV was unveiled, which at the time offered the greatest cargo capacity on the market and was powered by a 440cc Kohler engine.

The ARGO ATV family continued to evolve and grow throughout the decades with a wide variety of machines that were equally at home on land and water. ARGO’s first traditional ATV, the Xplorer, was unveiled in 2017.

2020 ARGO ATV Models

Xplorer XR 500

Argo Xplorer XR: Argo ATV

Though they don’t feature the classic ARGO amphibious abilities, the Xplorer ATV family is designed for those looking for a straddle-seat ARGO ATV. The most affordable of these are the Xplorer XR models. Each features a 503cc single-cylinder engine, 13.2 inches of ground clearance, independent double A-arm suspension, engine braking, Innova tires, and two-inch receiver hitch. Upgrade to the XR 500 LE and you get cast-aluminum wheels, front brushguard, electronic power steering, and a 3000-pound winch. Prices start at $7599.

Xplorer XRT 500

Argo Xplorer XRT 500: Argo ATV

The Xplorer XRT 500 and 500 LE share the same features as the XR models, but the chassis has been stretched out with a 57-inch wheelbase and a rear passenger seat has been added. Prices start at $8999.

Xplorer XRT 1000 LE

Argo XRT 1000

The flagship of the traditional ARGO ATV family is the Xplorer XRT 1000 LE. Powered by a 997cc twin-cylinder engine, the 1000 LE comes standard with aluminum wheels, power steering, front differential lock, rear passenger seat, 3000-pound winch, 1300-pound towing capacity, and 264 pounds of front and rear rack capacity. Prices start at $14,799.

Frontier Series

Argo Frontier: Argo ATV

The Frontier Series is ARGO’s most affordable line of amphibious vehicles. The base Frontier 600 6×6 features six wheels, an 18-horsepower V-Twin engine, and has a load capacity of 595 lbs on land and 395 lbs on water. The Frontier 700 6×6 has a 23-horsepower V-Twin and a load capacity of 570 lbs on land and 370 lbs on water. The Frontier 700 Scout 6×6 adds a front bumper, cargo rack, and 2500-pound winch. The Frontier 650 8×8 produces 23 horsepower and has a load capacity of 855 lbs on land and 755 lbs on water. The Frontier 700 8×8 produces the same power, is offered with a standard or high-torque transmission. Finally, the Frontier 700 Scout 8×8 adds a front bumper, cargo rack, and winch. Prices range from $9999 to $22,999.

Aurora Series

Argo Aurora

The Aurora Series consists of eight different ARGO ATV models, each outfitted with eight wheels for maximum carrying capacity. The base Aurora 850 SX features a 33-horsepower V-Twin engine, Admiral transmission with ARGO Progressive Steering, 1100-pound load capacity on land, 800-pound load capacity on water, 25-inch tires, and 9-inch AirLock rims. The Aurora 850 SX Huntmaster adds camo paint, front bumper, cargo rack, and 3500-pound winch. The Aurora 850 SX-R is the same model as the SX, but adds a Roll Over Protection Structure. The Aurora 850 Responder-R is designed for first responders and features lights and a redesigned seating/cargo area. Aurora 850 Limited adds high-back rear seating and aluminum AirLock rims. The Aurora 950 SX offers up a 40-horsepower V-Twin engine, but is otherwise very similar to the 850 SX. There are also 950 SX Huntmaster and SX-R models. Prices start at $28,999.

Bigfoot 950 MX8

Argo Bigfoot 950 MX8

Designed to tackle the mud with ease, the Aurora Bigfoot 950 MX8 features a 40-horsepower V-Twin engine, ARGO-only mud tires with a chevron tread pattern, and aluminum AirLock wheels.

Conquest Series

Argo Conquest

The Conquest series of ARGO ATV models is designed for serious work…and a bit of fun. The Conquest 800 Outfitter is ARGO’s hunting machine and it features a 30-horsepower V-Twin engine, room for eight passengers (four on the water), 4500-pound winch, cargo rack, and front brush guard. The Conquest Pro 800 XT has seating for two people with a cargo bed in the rear for hauling gear or supplies, along with a winch, front brush guard, and 2000 pounds of towing capacity. The Conquest Pro 800 XT-L adds a Roll Over Protection Structure, roof, rear cargo bed, winch, and brush guard, but it can only operate on land. Finally, the Conquest Pro 800 XT-X looks very much like an eight-wheeled UTV and features a substantial rear cargo area, brush guard, 4500-pound winch, and Roll Over Protective Structure.

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