Intimidator and Mahindra Issue Recall for UTVs Over Crash Hazard

Intimidator and Mahindra are recalling approximately 19,264 utility vehicles (UTVs) due to a defect that poses a crash hazard. The recall, which was announced on April 11, 2024, involves various models including the Intimidator and Mahindra branded 750, 800, 1000, TGB, GC1K, and electric utility vehicles. These UTVs were found to have a faulty universal joint that can fail, potentially piercing and severing the brake line.

The recalled vehicles span several model years, with production dates ranging from as early as 2013 to as recent as 2023. The models affected include a wide range of Intimidator and Mahindra series such as Classic, Crew, and Truck configurations across multiple engine types including diesel and electric. The vehicles were sold in a variety of colors, and feature the brand name on the front grill and model series on the rear-side panels. Serial numbers for the recalled units range from 000000 to 014034 for Intimidator and 000000 to 010545 for Mahindra UTVs.

Owners of the affected UTVs are advised to immediately cease using these vehicles and contact an authorized dealer for a free repair. The manufacturer has reported 40 incidents related to this defect, including 12 where the brake line was impacted, although no injuries have been reported. The vehicles were available for purchase at authorized Intimidator and Mahindra dealers nationwide from August 2013 through November 2023, with prices ranging from $11,000 to $21,500.

For further assistance, consumers can reach out to Intimidator directly by phone or email, or visit their website to access recall information. Mahindra users can also find details on the Mahindra USA website under "Recall Notices." Additionally, Intimidator is proactively contacting all registered purchasers by mail to inform them about the recall.

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