Chasing The Dream With Help From Kemimoto

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We are all different, yet we share something that is as much a binding element as DNA - a passion for the off-road experience. You know what we mean. Get five people together from all walks of life, and if they are UTV enthusiasts, they will all be acting like best friends within a few minutes. It’s a simple recipe. You take dirt, mix in some rubber, gas, and horsepower and then match it to some skill behind the wheel and a readiness to push down on the accelerator, and poof! Instant off-roader. Once you get a taste of the life, you start chasing the dream. The dream that can only come with speed. Kemimoto found one of us in Arkansas in Andrew Johnsen, or as his friends call him - AJ.


Who’s AJ?

AJ is actually like many of us. He’s a gearhead and an off-roader who has been enjoying the life from a young age. His mom got him started on the path by sending him to a summer camp that was half horses and half dirt bikes. He chose the dirt bikes and got introduced to Honda XR 50s and 80s. From that beginning, his mom then helped him with an old Suzuki RM 125. It was a fixer-upper, which most of us who've been doing this for a while know is both a blessing and a curse. A “basket case” bike lets you dig into the way a machine works and starting from a young age, it really builds a foundation for true gearheads as we grow older.

For AJ, it was a clear path to a lifestyle. He’s quite fond of the saying, "You'll never see a motorcycle parked outside a therapist's office." That is something we can all agree with. There is no therapy that can compare to throttle therapy. "I can't think of a career or a lifestyle that's more oriented towards what I enjoy. I'm blessed enough to have experienced this broad and diverse set of riding," AJ said.

As time rolled on for AJ, he went from being a bit of a wild man on two-wheels, to a family man enjoying the huge advances in side-by-side development. His weapon of choice? Heavily-modified and customized Can-Am Maverick X3s. AJ tuned them up to pump out over 200 horsepower and that has made a big difference in how he enjoys his time off road.

“When you put yourself behind 200 horsepower, there's no feeling in the world like that,” he said. “With just pure adrenaline, your mind switches off all the noise in the background that is life. Everything going on in your life that isn’t in the 500 feet in front of you just disappears.”

Enter Kemimoto

AJ used a lot of Kemimoto products to complete his vehicle builds and chase his dream. This includes:

Of course, Kemimoto has products for many machines, and can likely help you create your ultimate off-road dream machine. They are ready to partner with you in making everything become a thrilling reality.

Are you a Dream Chaser?

Now as a family man, AJ works hard to instill the same passion he has into his daughter, along with giving them opportunities at a young age that he didn’t have. For many of us with families, this is a feeling we all share. It also goes beyond family life, to sharing the passion with others. Sharing the passion for off-road adventure adds a depth to the sport that adds much to our enjoyment of it.

How about you? How has powersports changed your life? Where do you see this journey taking you? It’s time to complete the journey of your off-road dreams!

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