Upgrade Your RZR’s Sway Bar to Improve Performance

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The Polaris RZR is an awesome machine. It was the first major Sport UTV and has set the standard that all others follow. These machines have amazing power and great suspension. The handling is pretty good, too, but there is room for improvement. That’s where the Eibach Pro UTV Anti-Roll Kit comes in. This kit is the best way to level the playing field between the motor and suspension and improve overall performance to a level you will feel for yourself.

Not to Sway You…

We all know about sway and body roll. Your car, truck, or SUV has a sway bar to help keep your tires on the road when cornering. You RZR does, too, but there are better alternatives. Let’s take a quick look at the physics of body roll. The law of motion says that any object in motion wants to stay in motion unless acted upon by a force equal to or greater than. When you take a corner in your RZR, you’re taking the straight-line speed, and then acting against it by turning. The amazing travel from the suspension compresses to the outside of the turn while pitching the body of the RZR to the outside as well. A sway bar helps equalize the pressure from the suspension to reduce the amount of body roll to the outside of the turn.

As you can imagine, the sway bar plays a vital role in your ability to corner at speed. Can you imagine driving your RZR fast down a trail and whipping it into a corner without any sort of sway bar? The result wouldn’t be fun. While the stock sway bars do a decent job at improving the handling of your RZR and keeping the tires on the dirt, they are meant to cover a broad range of drivers and driving styles. They are meant to work for average trail conditions, too.

Eibach Pro UTV Anti-Roll Kit

The Eibach Pro UTV Anti-Roll Kit works best when combined with the company’s PRO-UTV Spring System ( read our review of the Eibach Stage 3 spring kit here). The Eibach Anti-Roll Kit gives you new sway bars for your RZR. These bars differ from the stock set-up in that you get three points of adjustment to fine-tune your suspension to match your driving style as well as the amount of weight in the machine. The added G-out resistance creates better handling dynamics for more stability through turns. It also adds a tremendous improvement in how your RZR tracks through whoop sections by reducing deflection. This allows you to carry more speed on the trail or track, improved ride quality, and more enjoyment of your RZR.

When your RZR rolled off the assembly line, it was set up for a general ride quality, which while good, isn’t optimal for everrybody. The springs are going to be on the soft side, and when you add passengers and accessories to tailor the RZR to you, this adds extra load to the suspension system. Eibach’s Stage 2 or Stage 3 Pro-UTV springs make a massive difference in how the shock performs, and adding the Pro UTV Anti-Roll Kit completes the package, giving you the handling that you need to fully enjoy your RZR wherever the trail takes you.

Eibach has put many hours into testing these kits to ensure they handle everything you, your RZR, and the trail ahead can dish out. Learn more on the Eibach website. The difference these kits make to your handling will shock you.

NOTE: This is sponsored content produced in partnership with Eibach.

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