A quality mirror lets you see what’s behind you

You can only drive as well as you can see, and a set of UTV mirrors can be the difference between a fun, trouble-free outing and a day-ruining crash.

Like with any light passenger vehicle, there are basically two different families that all UTV mirrors fit into: UTV rear view mirrors, which mount high-up in the center of the cabin and supply a view of what’s directly behind the vehicle, and UTV side view mirrors, which mount to either side of the roll cage up front so that you can see rearward to either side. Apart from helping you see where you’re going in reverse and alerting you whenever you’re about to be overtaken by another vehicle on the trail, UTV mirrors such as these – especially the side mirrors – are required if you ever plan on taking your UTV out on public roads. In countless counties across the US, side mirrors are even a legal requirement for on-road use.

With all that said, the good news is that there’s an enormous number of well-built, well-designed UTV mirrors on the market, with prices to suit almost any budget. Here, we’ve rounded up the very best mirrors available today, including both side and rear view mirrors.

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1. Best UTV Rear View Mirror: Chupacabra Offroad Deluxe

Chupacabra Offroad Deluxe

Want a broad UTV rear view mirror that gives you a comprehensive view of the trail behind you? The Chupacabra Offroad Deluxe UTV Rear View Mirror is ready to deliver. It measures a whopping 16 inches across, with 3 inches of vertical height, and the mirror glass is convex to squeeze as wide a view as possible into that area without excess distortion. The mirror attaches to most 1.75” diameter roll cages using dual 10mm aluminum brackets, and once installed, it offers tool-free micro-adjustment, with vibration-isolating rubber to keep the mirror steady even off-road. Some of the more popular models this mirror will fit include the Polaris Ranger 400, 500, 700, and 800, as well as the 2015 John Deere Gator XPX and XUV.

Kemimoto UTV Signal Mirrors

The team at Kemimoto produces a wide array of ATV and UTV accessories, including this ingenious set of side mirrors with built-in turn signal lights and daytime running lights. Designed to fit roll bars with 1.6” to 2.0” diameters, installing this kit gives drivers access to high definition convex mirrors on either side of their UTV. Each mirror offers a double adjustment method, so you can get them into a perfect position to better see what’s behind you. Installation is a snap thanks to Kemimoto’s anti-slip teeth clamp design.

Of course, what sets these mirrors apart are the integrated LED turn signal lights – each producing 15W with a 40,000-hour lifespan. And Kemimoto outfitted each light with an aluminum heat plate for better heat dissipation. Finally, at the bottom of each housing you’ll find both an air vent and a drain hole, so things stay cool and dry inside.

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2. Kolpin UTV Side Mirrors

Kolpin UTV Side Mirrors

Kolpin is a big player in aftermarket ATV and UTV parts and accessories, so it should be no surprise to see the brand’s UTV side view mirrors on this list. Taking after some commercial truck mirrors, these UTV mirrors feature an upright “portrait” orientation, with two mirror surfaces on each unit: one regular field-of-view piece for ordinary use, and one smaller, super-wide piece that almost allows you to “see around corners,” giving you a big-picture look at what’s around your vehicle. The mirrors also feature a rugged fold-in and break-away design, and low-profile mounting clamps that fit well with most UTV windshields and fit roll cage tubing from 1-5/8” to 2” in diameter for a near-universal fit.

3. ATV TEK UTV Mirrors


If there’s one thing that sets these ATV TEK UTV mirrors apart in a crowded segment, it’s their versatility; these mirrors will fit any roll cage tubing from 1 to 2-1/2 inches in diameter, with a low-profile mount design that’s compatible with most UTV windshields, and they boast four-way adjustability so you can achieve the perfect mirror angle no matter what. They even let you choose between “landscape” and “portrait” orientation, depending on what sort of riding you do and where you need the extra field of vision the most. Just as impressive, they boast a “break-away” design meant to fold-in upon impact with a rock or tree branch, and a “return-to-home” feature that allows them to be folded right back out, not to mention sharp aesthetics that look right at home on any modern UTV.

4. Chupacabra Offroad UTV Side Mirrors

Chupacabra Offroad UTV Side Mirrors

If you’re a fan of the Chupacabra Offroad Deluxe UTV Rear View Mirror listed above, you’ll be thrilled to know that the brand also offers this excellent set of UTV side view mirrors. At 4” across and 7.2” tall, they provide a massive viewing area, with a convex shape to fit even more into your field of view, and they’re as durable as you could want, with impact-resistant ABS housings and shatter-proof tempered glass mirror lenses. On top of that, they offer a near-universal fit, with clamps suitable for roll cage tubing ranging from 1-5/8” to 2” in diameter, and they ship with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Couple that with a safe, convenient breakaway design and effective vibration-insulating measures and what you get is two truly solid, well-priced UTV side mirrors.

5. ISSYAUTO RZR Rearview Mirror


Another rearview mirror option comes from ISSYAUTO. This mirror, however, is only compatible with a 1.75″ roll bar, so keep that in mind before purchasing. This mirror uses shatter-proof glass for a non-distorted and clear view of what’s behind you. It offers up 15 inches of convex viewing area, providing a wide field of view so you can keep an eye on other machines behind you and help with backing up onto and off of a trailer. Getting the mirror into the optimum position is a snap, thanks to three adjustment methods. As you would expect, installation is about as easy as it gets with a butterfly clasp design.

This mirror is designed to fit a variety of Polaris RZR models, as well as the Honda Pioneer 1000 and Arctic Cat Wildcat X. Just be sure to measure the diameter of your roll bar before purchasing to make sure it will fit your machine.

How do I mount mirrors on a UTV with a windshield?

Accommodating both a full set of mirrors and a windshield on any UTV can be cause for concern, but it’s worth noting that most manufacturers design their products with the assumption that a large percentage of their customers will want to have both. That said, when shopping for a set of UTV mirrors, keep an eye out for phrases like “low-profile mount” and “windshield-compatible” in order to have the greatest chance of success.

To install, with the windshield in place, first try test-fitting one of the mirror clamps in the preferred location, seeing whether there’s sufficient clearance between the windshield and the roll cage bar for slipping the clamp into place. If there is, you’re golden; just remove the windshield to give yourself maximum space to work the mirrors into place without having to risk scratches or impacts, tighten the mirror mounting clamps down in the preferred spot, and reinstall the windshield. Some adjustment may be necessary to ensure that everything goes back together without interference.

If there isn’t sufficient clearance between the windshield and your mirror mounts, it might be time to get a little creative. The brand Seizmik, for one, manufactures side mirror mounting brackets for certain Polaris models that use two of the factory roll cage bolts. Depending on the design of your mirror mounts, you might be able to jerry rig your own similar solution, or you might even consider taking a rotary tool and carefully cutting small notches out of the windshield to accommodate the clamps.

If it works, it works.

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