Best Honda Pioneer Windshield Options

Aaron Brzozowski
by Aaron Brzozowski

Keep the wind and debris outside with a new windshield for your Pioneer

If you’re just about done with being pelted by mud and pebbles every time you drive your Honda Pioneer, it’s high time you started looking for a good Honda Pioneer windshield.

Driving involves speed, and you don’t have to understand Einstein’s special theory of relativity to know that taking a rock to the face at full chat hurts. Unfortunately, with no factory-installed windshield in place, the Pioneer puts absolutely nothing between your face and that rock.

That’s where the powersports aftermarket comes in. Being a popular UTV model, the Pioneer enjoys a good amount of aftermarket support, and there exist plenty of durable, well-made Honda Pioneer windshield designs to give your side-by-side the cockpit protection and comfort it deserves. To help you navigate the market of aftermarket Honda Pioneer windshield options so you can zero in on the right one for your ride and budget, we’ve put together this list of the best Honda Pioneer windshield options available today, covering a range of price points and reputable manufacturers.

1. Editor's Choice: SuperATV Scratch-Resistant Flip Windshield

SuperATV is one of our go-to sources for everything ATV- and UTV-related. “Sub-par” isn’t in the manufacturer’s vocabulary. It should hardly be surprising, then, that SuperATV’s scratch-resistant full Honda Pioneer windshield makes our list. Made from “virtually unbreakable” 1/4”-thick polycarbonate with a scratch- and UV-resistant hard coating on both sides, this SuperATV Honda Pioneer windshield is well worth its weight in salt, delivering maximum versatility with three locked positions: fully open (flipped), vented, or fully closed. If there’s a downside, it’s that this SuperATV windshield isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but if you want the best quality and fitment, it’s worth the investment.

Promoted Product: Kemimoto Full Windshield

Kemimoto has made a big splash in the accessory pond by producing high-quality parts and accessories for your UTV at value-centric pricing. Kemimoto produces a sweet windshield for the awesome Honda Pioneer that you have to see through to appreciate fully. It is made from durable and clear polycarbonate. The installation is easy with included clamps that mount to pre-drilled holes on the windshield. Kemimoto also includes a weather seal that helps seal the windshield to the machine and reduce vibration. It only takes a few minutes to install and can be removed just as fast should the need arise. If you need a little extra incentive, Kemimoto provides a six-month warranty with the windshield against manufacturer defects. This gives you a little added peace of mind to go along with adding the protection of a windshield. If you own a Honda Pioneer and want a value-packed windshield, take a look at Kemimoto.

Kemimoto is extending a special 16% savings on your purchases when applying the unique code ATV during checkout.

2. Seizmik Double Hard Coated Vented Windshield

Speaking of well-known brands with strong followings in the powersports community, Seizmik’s vented double-sided polycarbonate Honda Pioneer windshield is an excellent choice. It boasts similar construction to the SuperATV option listed above, with a scratch-resistant hard coating on both sides of the panel to keep the windshield clear over years of regular use, and automotive-grade gaskets at the top and bottom of the panel keep wind and rain from leaking past into the cockpit. It doesn’t have the same three-position versatility, though; instead, the windshield is built with a pair of “super-durable” glass-filled nylon vents toward the base to supply cooling airflow to the driver and any passengers, not to mention supporting a “defog” mode that directs air to the inside of the windshield using adjustable louvers.

3. Clearly Tough Full Folding Windshield

Another solidly well-built Honda Pioneer windshield, this piece from Clearly Tough is a simple, durable option with plenty of rave reviews. At 3/16” thick, it’s not as overbuilt as windshields from SuperATV and Seizmik, but with a scratch-resistant hard coat and a 5-year material warranty from the manufacturer, we’re not sure it matters. It’s a flexible design, too, with a hinged center that allows owners to fold down the top half of the windshield, and a quick, easy velcro attachment system that makes going windshield-less a cinch. You can even fold down the top half and then slide the windshield up high on the frame, if you want, for maximum airflow through the cockpit and the protection of a polycarbonate windshield just where you need it.

4. UTV Windshields And Accessories Full-Tilting Honda Pioneer Windshield

Typically, we adhere to a strict mantra of “you get what you pay for,” but at hundreds of dollars below the competition, with glowing reviews from real-life owners, this Honda Pioneer windshield from brand UTV Windshields and Accessories is just too good a value not to bring to your attention. Made from polycarbonate of the same 3/16” thickness as the Clearly Tough windshield listed above, this product is better built than its low price might lead you to believe, with a full-width black anodized center hinge that allows you to fold down the top half, and a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Fully trailerable, easy to install, and built in the USA, this Honda Pioneer windshield is everything you’ve been looking for, for a whole lot less than you’d expect.

5. SuperATV Heavy-Duty Half Windshield

Why pay for a full windshield if you don’t truly need it? Thanks to SuperATV and its heavy-duty half windshield for the Honda Pioneer, you don’t have to. At a fraction of the price of the manufacturer’s regular full-size tilt Honda Pioneer windshield, SuperATV’s half windshield is built from the same strong, durable 1/4”-thick polycarbonate, but it covers roughly half the area, extending from the hood up to around halfway up on the roll cage. The bottom is fitted with a full-width rubber seal to keep rain and snow from sneaking past, and it’s sized right to provide all the occupant protection the average driver will ever need – provided they’re wearing a helmet. Did we mention the price?

How To Install a SuperATV Honda Pioneer Windshield

Installing a windshield on your Pioneer is a pretty straightforward procedure that you should be able to take care of on your own in short order. Below we have embedded a video showing the install of the SuperATV flip windshield we featured at the top of this article.

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How do I clean my Honda Pioneer windshield?

As most UTV windshields are made of polycarbonate instead of glass, avoid using glass cleaners. The first thing we like to do is get out the hose and rinse the windshield off really well, which should remove most of the dirt. After that, grab a handful of dampened paper shop towels or clean microfiber cloths and wipe away any other dirt (you can use some diluted liquid dish soap to help here). Then give it a rinse again and dry off with dry paper towels to avoid water spots.

How do I remove my Honda Pioneer windshield?

This will largely depend on which brand of windshield you go with. Some can be removed without tools, but for the most part you will have to remove some bolts to take it completely off. Either way, it is a pretty straightforward procedure. Check out the install video we embedded above and you essentially just need to do the opposite of that.

Aaron Brzozowski
Aaron Brzozowski

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