6 Ways Kemimoto Can Improve Your UTV

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UTVs are great machines and come pretty well equipped right from the factory. However, everyone is different and we all have different needs and plans for how we intend to use our UTVs. Luckily for us, there is a healthy aftermarket for accessories that help tailor your machine to your specific uses and needs. One of the major players in the aftermarket UTV scene is Kemimoto. The company has one of the widest ranges of quality aftermarket UTV accessories available. Here are six ways Kemimoto can improve your UTV.

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Storage for Polaris Ranger/General

The Polaris Ranger is the most-popular UTV on the market. These machines have a lot of cargo space, making them great units for both work and play. Much like adding a cargo box to the bed of your pickup truck, adding a cargo box to the bed of your Polaris Ranger, or General for that matter, gives you more options for carrying your smaller items, such as gloves, a tow strap, hand tools, rain gear, and more. Kemimoto makes a sweet, lockable 20-liter cargo box that slides into the Polaris Lock-N-Ride pockets on the side of the bed. This durable, Polyethylene box has a durable seal to keep your stuff clean and dry. Kemimoto also includes a password-protected lock to keep your items secure, should you leave your gear in it. You don’t need any tools to mount the cargo box and you can use multiple boxes in your bed to add additional cargo capacity. These tough boxes are the best value in additional cargo storage for your Polaris Ranger and General.

Can-Am Maverick X3 Cargo Solutions

Sport UTVs, like Can-Am’s awesome Maverick X3 lineup, offer lots of thrills, but don’t have much cargo capacity. Sure they have a cargo “bed”, but for most of them, it isn't very secure. Kemimoto can fix that with a form-fitted, 8-gallon cargo box that fits the available space of the cargo bed on the Maverick X3. It can also be used in select other Can-Am vehicles, too. What is key to notice here is just how durable the cargo box is. Kemimoto went to great lengths to make sure the hinges and structure of the box are very durable and strong. This gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your drinks, tools, gear and more is safe and secure. It secures to the bed of the machine, so you can hit whatever type of terrain you want and know it isn't going to go flying out of the machine. It also works with spare tire carries and accessory cargo racks, making it very adaptable for your needs.

Universal Speaker Bars

UTV stereo systems are extremely popular and are a fun way to make your ride is your own. Kemimoto has a universal six-speaker sound bar that gives you all kinds of fun. This sound system for your UTV is built with RGB Lights with 4 illuminating modes (music sync, solid, fading or off). These multicolor lights in the sync mode can beat and dance with music, making your ride feel more like a nightclub. It is loaded with four full-range speakers and 2 tweeters, and a built-in class A/B amplifier that bumps out 500 watts of power you can feel as you fly down the trail. It can connect via Bluetooth or several wired options and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the elements. It has universal mounts, so you can quickly mount it just about anywhere.

Side Mirrors

Mirrors help keep you abreast of what is behind you, and the right side mirrors add a cool touch of style, too. These universal side mirrors from Kemimoto mount to just about every UTV and feature a 180-degree folding function, perfect for when you need to get into a tight space. They are made from durable aluminum for toughness and style. They have a sweet break-away function to avoid issues with trees, or other stuff. They can rotate 360-degrees to fit any machine and situation, and they are windshield compatible.

Maverick X3 Fenders

There are some folks that see mud on the trail and they try to go around it. Then there are those that see the same mud and punch it. That’s where these sweet fender flares for the Can-Am Maverick X3 come in. They add some style to your machine, while adding a bit of extra protection for you, your passengers and the cab of your machine from the flying muck that is just too much fun to miss. They are made from durable, injection-molded polypropylene and come with all the mounting hardware you’d need. Keep mud, water and rocks away from you and your passengers. Each mud fender set contains a pair of front and rear guards (left, right, front, rear), mounting hardware, and a manual for easy installation.

Adaptable Windshield for Maverick X3s

Windshields are a popular accessory, but sometimes you want to feel the wind on your face, too. That’s where this sweet flip-up windshield from Kemimoto for the Can-Am Maverick X3 comes in. It is made from UV-resistant, hard-coated, 1/4" thick polycarbonate material that can withstand hard use and still remain clear. The UV coating helps reduce glare, which can be a big issue with some poly windshields. In fact, Kemimoto boasts a light transmission of 93% compared to just 80% or less for other poly windshields. It flips from a full windshield to a half very easily and comes with all the mounting hardware for a snug, sleek fit. This is a great windshield for those that want both half and full windshield options, all in one package.

Remember, you can save 16% on your purchase by using the exclusive "ATV" discount code at Kemimoto.com.

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