Best ATV Sprayer Options For Taking Care Of Your Property

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney

With the right tools, an ATV or UTV can make your lawn, garden or food plot easier to maintain

If you aren’t quiet ready for the expense of a tractor, an off-road vehicle equipped with an ATV sprayer is an effective and affordable way to take care of your property.

Anybody with a Utility ATV or UTV knows that a good ATV sprayer can make your lawn or garden maintenance quite a bit easier. Whether you are spraying down fertilizer or pesticide, an ATV sprayer can help you get the job done.

Of course, choosing an ATV sprayer means having to figure out which type of sprayer you need. To help you on your way, we will have a look at some rear-mounted sprayers, tow-behind sprayers, spot sprayers and boom sprayers.

In our experience, smaller areas can easily be handled with a simple rear-mounted spot sprayer with a good PSI range. However, larger properties can benefit from a tow-behind unit with a larger tank and a multi-nozzle boom sprayer delivery system.

Check out the list of our favorite ATV sprayers to find one that will suit you and your property.

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1. Best ATV Spot Sprayer: North Star High-Pressure Spot Sprayer

This 12V high-pressure ATV sprayer from North Star has an output of two gallons per minute at open flow with a maximum pressure of 200 psi. This set up allows you to send a stream up to 30 feet away. The spray nozzle is adjustable, so you can choose between an atomized mist, a wider cone or a narrow stream. The sprayer comes equipped with a commercial grade NorthStar NSQ Series plunger pump, which is designed to offer easy priming with solid durability and resistance to corrosive chemicals. The tank itself holds 16 gallons of liquid, which you can control with a 35-foot hose.

2. Best ATV Boom Sprayer: Workhorse 3 Nozzle Boom Sprayer

If you've got a larger area that needs tending to, the Workhorse 3 nozzle ATV boom sprayer is worth looking into. Features include a 25-gallon storage capacity, three-nozzle boom designed for even distribution, and a 15-foot hose gun for spot spraying duties that covers a span of 140 inches with pressure adjustable from 0 to 60 psi. The whole kit is simple to set up and mounts easily to the rear rack of your ATV. It also is built to last with a high-grade polyethylene tank.

3. Best Budget Option: Master Manufacturing ATV Spot Sprayer

An ultra affordable ATV sprayer ideally suited for small to medium jobs is the Master Manufacturing 15-Gallon Spot Sprayer. Retailing for less than $100, this 12V sprayer pumps out up 1.0 gallon per minute from its diaphragm Everflo pump, which is Roundup ready. Features include a 15-foot rubber hose, 5” fill lid with tether, mold-in drain with cap, and a one-year warranty.

4. NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast Sprayer

Small units are good for small jobs, but when you’ve a lot of work to do, the NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer checks all the boxes. This 12V sprayer holds up to 21 gallons and pumps out up to 2.2 gallons per minute while producing up to 70 psi of pressure. This ATV sprayer allows you to cover 12-foot swaths in a single pass. Features include a commercial-grade NorthStar NSQ Series pump, massive 7 ½-inch tank lid for easy filling, tank bottom drain, and 15-foot clear PVC hose. Of course, this pump can be towed and comes equipped with a retractable steel tow bar, foldable boom arms, removable axles and wheels, and 12” pneumatic tires.

5. Gear Guide ATV Spot Sprayer

The 12V, 16-gallon Gear Guide ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer puts out considerably less pressure than the North Star model at 70 psi, but it still pumps out as much as 2.2 gallons per minute. Features include 100% continuous duty rating, Honeywell Micro Switch for improved durability, chemical-resistant valves, quick-connect ports, and thick tank walls with UV-resistant polymer. This unit is approved for use with industry leading herbicides. Its single-nozzle broadcast lance sends water out in a 14-foot wide swath and up to 30 feet away.

6. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer

The most compact ATV sprayer on our list is the Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer. Designed for smaller spaces, this 12V, 8-gallon sprayer costs about $65 and is built with chemical-resistant Santoprene and Viton components. The UV-resistant tank has a 3.5-inch opening and is compatible with most pesticides. Features include an adjustable spray nozzle (cone to stream), 11 feet of PVC hose reinforced with braided synthetic cord, easy open bottom drain, and gallon marks molded into the tank to monitor levels. The sprayer pumps out as much as 1.0 gallon per minute with a maximum 20-foot horizontal spray distance and 12-foot vertical spray distance.

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What is the best ATV Sprayer?

Choosing the right ATV sprayer comes down primarily to your needs and budget and that means you need to decide if you need a boom sprayer or a spot sprayer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A boom sprayer isn’t nearly as affected by wind, is more accurate in application, and helps you avoid excessive overlapping so you don’t oversaturate any one area. However, a boomless spot sprayer is more compact and easier to move around, takes up less storage space, and is easier to maintain because it has fewer parts.

What is the best PSI rating for an ATV sprayer?

There's not really a correct answer here, as we think the best sprayers have adjustable PSI. For spot sprayers, more PSI means you have more range. That is good when it comes to getting the job done quickly, but it offers less precision during application.

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