One of the most interesting products we saw on the first day of the Dealer Expo is called J-wheelz.

The idea of J-wheelz  is to provide extra traction and flotation to your ATV or side-by-side. You bolt J-wheelz to your normal wheels (installation takes about 10 minutes) and, if we are to believe the manufacturer’s claims, you can get through most any terrain. Check out a video of the J-wheelz on action below the jump.

In addition to the extra traction, installation a set of J-wheelz is also said to provide more than 300 pounds of extra flotation to your ATV. According to the manufacturer, this is enough to fully float many stock quads. If you’re riding on flat ground, J-wheelz won’t actually touch the ground, so they shouldn’t affect steering or top speed. But when you’re riding through the mud, the traction blades are help dig in and propel you through the slop.

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Brian says:

I bought a set last year as we have a large swamp that is full of water and mud. When driving thru the weeds  the ground moves about 10-20 feet in front of you like a large bog. The ground is all mush and about 2-3 feet deep. These wheels are unbelievably how well they work. Nothing has worked before and tracks don’t even compare
We can now access land on the back side of our property that we could not get to unless frozen 

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