Room For More In the New CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Sport 4

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CFMOTO is a company on the move in North America, boasting a growing number of dealerships and a lineup of trail-proven machines that should make many of us excited. The latest innovation from the brand is the all-new 2024 CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Sport 4.

This is the first Sport UTV from CFMOTO with a backseat, but the company is not looking to take a backseat to anyone. The machine is loaded with features designed to bring you lots of smiles out on the trails, not to mention a price tag that will make your wallet happy, too.

The Heart of the Machine

The biggest thing people often look for first with any Sport UTV is the motor and the power it delivers. CFMOTO outfitted the ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 with the same motor as the ZFORCE 950 Sport and the ZFORCE 950 Trail - a 967cc liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8-valve, four-stroke V-Twin that produces 85 horsepower at 7,750 rpm. This motor pumps out a very respectable 60 lb-ft of torque.

Tailor made for trail riding, the engine first made an appearance in the ZFORCE 950 Trail and it offers a fun, responsive power delivery, helped in part by the Bosch electronic fuel injection system. It has great low-end power for crawling through tight trails and a solid top end for when you get the chance to open things up. It all runs through a CVTech CVT belt-driven transmission.

Traction Stuff

As you would expect from a hard-core trail machine, the ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 has three modes with two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and four-wheel with diff lock. Connecting the ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 to the ground are 27-inch CST Stag tires wrapped around 14-cast aluminum wheels with beadlocks, so your chances of getting a flat tire go way down. Plus they just look cool. The tires connect via arched front A-arms and a rear TTA system using A-arms and a connecting rod. For shocks, the CFMOTO uses high-pressure gas with piggyback reservoir shocks that are 7-position compression adjustable. The suspension and tires help give the ZFORCE 950 Sport, Sport 4, and Trail models a full 12 inches of ground clearance.


Other Benefits

CFMOTO loaded the ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 with some serious features that you should find impressive. It comes with a 2-inch receiver hitch and the ability to tow 1,500 pounds. The ZFORCE 950 Sport 4 has dimensions of 151-inches long, by 60-inches wide, by 74-inches tall, making it legal for a lot of trails systems. The curb weight is 1,753 pounds and it has a 9.8-gallon fuel tank. What this all means is simple, the machine is ready for the trail.

Other cool features you will appreciate include the full-length half doors and the factory-installed 4,500 winch for those times when you find yourself stuck, or needing to clear a fallen tree on the trail. It has full electronic power steering, comfortable seats, and a roof to protect you from the elements. It comes in tan, orange, and black with red highlights. It also comes standard with a covered cargo box in the bed that helps keep your stuff clean and dry, regardless of what you find out on the trail. 

If you don’t want the extra passenger space, the ZFORCE 950 Sport has all the same features in a shorter, two-seat machine. It comes in black, red, and gray color schemes.

Both of the 950 Sport machines, as well as the 950 Trail machine, which has many of the same features but in a narrower 50-inch wide model designed for all trail access, have a wide range of CFMOTO genuine accessories that allow you to customize the machine to your needs. This includes windshields, rock sliders, speaker systems, and more. Go to your local CFMOTO dealership today to learn more about these fun and exciting machines and be sure to visit

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