7 Reasons to Buy ARGO

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The first name in XTVs

As with any buying decision, selecting the right off-road rig to carry oneself (plus a bundle of gear) into the backcountry requires a healthy amount of shopping. But if your enthusiasm for the great outdoors routinely takes you and your crew over difficult terrain, ARGO checks a lot of the boxes you might be looking for.

“ARGO goes where others can’t” – you’ve probably seen that line in past articles on the company’s XTVs on this site. But for ARGO, it’s more than just a tagline, as these vehicles are designed to fill the gap between recreational quads and heavy off-road gear. These rigs are capable of climbing, crawling or even swimming to your destination, making quick work out of obstacles that would stymie lesser equipment.

Here are seven compelling reasons to choose an ARGO for your next off-road adventure.

They’re Amphibious

Simply put, ARGO’s aquatic abilities are one of the most crucial features that puts the company’s XTVs a step above traditional off-road rigs. Propelled by specially designed tires or an accessory outboard mounted on back, ARGO XTVs are considered true amphibious vehicles thanks to their ability to swim or ford water obstacles at a moment’s notice — with no cumbersome preparation required. This gives ARGO extra applications ATVs and Side-by-Sides only wish they could offer, as well as making it ideal for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

Next Level Capability

Aside from their prowess in the water, another signature ARGO feature is the traction these vehicles get from multi-wheeled mobility. This, combined with a strong-but-light construction, gives ARGOs a distinctive combination of low ground pressure and gobs of traction. Plus, with the addition of optional tracks, ARGO XTVs can be easily converted for all-season use. This is why you’ll see videos of these machines traversing all types of soft and difficult soils – including swamp, muskeg, and snow. No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, ARGO will keep you moving.

Green-Friendly Mobility

Thanks to ground pressure as low as 1.06 psi and their optional add-on rubber tracks, ARGOs tread as lightly as your own footprint. With climate change and environmentalism a hot topic on every front page – and for good reason – leaving no trace is more important than ever for an outdoorsman. ARGO XTVs are capable of crossing fragile terrain with zero lasting impact on vegetation or substrates – allowing you to tear it up on your favorite trails without literally tearing them up.

Safety First

It’s no accident that this company has been in the off-road game for nearly 50 years. Passenger safety is at the fore of that sterling reputation, with ARGOs having the industry’s lowest center of gravity compared to other off-road vehicles. That means these goats can traverse side slopes and scamper up grades without the same oh-my-god-it’s-gonna-roll-over fear found in other rigs. In fact, ARGO XTVS are up to four times more stable than traditional UTVs, while attachments are engineered and tested to minimize their impact on vehicles’ Static Stability Factor.

A Varied Lineup

The ARGO lineup consists of a variety of different models, and its Frontier line is a great entry into the world of amphibious off-road adventure, ramping up from a six-wheeled model to a camouflaged 23hp trim with 8×8 traction. ARGO is currently offering their 2020 Frontier 6×6 model for only $7,999 – an excellent deal that is still available (for now), but won’t be for much longer.

The Aurora line, meanwhile, is purpose-built with powerful fuel-injected engines and lots of cargo capacity. Or, if your quests take you through an abundance of sticky mud, the mighty Bigfoot with its chevron-treaded tires will make quick work of that messy sinkhole standing between you and your tree stand.

Easy Accessorizing

Kitting out an ARGO to meet the unique demands of your local trails couldn’t be easier, considering the wide range of accessories available directly from the company. You can outfit your rig with windshields and a heater or add a roof system if your trek takes the crew through truly unspeakable conditions. And, because ARGO is explicitly designed with its amphibious abilities in mind, there’s even a bracket you can purchase to mount an outboard motor on the back for extra oomph when the land runs out, and the true adventure begins.

Lead, Don’t Follow with ARGO

It’s that extra level of capability that turns purchasing an ARGO into more than just buying an off-road rig. Others may stop at the water’s edge or turn tail at the sight of an intimidating grade, but with an ARGO, you can continue moving forward with confidence while others are left having to find another way around. Choosing an ARGO XTV is about more than just opting for a capable off-road vehicle, it’s about choosing to lead instead of follow. It’s about making a statement, both to yourself and anyone else you meet out in the backcountry: why follow someone else’s trail when you can blaze your own?

Be sure to check out the entire ARGO lineup at ARGOXTV.com and use the handy online map to find a dealer near you. But you’d better hurry: special pricing offers – like the $7,999 2020 Frontier 6×6 – are only available until the end of the year.

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