Dealer Expo Spotlight: Cycle Country Hook-A-Lift

Lucas Cooney
by Lucas Cooney
dealer expo spotlight cycle country hook a lift

If you’ve seen Cycle Country’s products before, you’ll know the Hook-A-Lift isn’t exactly a new product. However, what is new is a prototype for a rear Hook-A-Lift for side-by-sides.

We saw this prototype at the Dealer Expo and thought it was worth bringing to your attention. Because it’s still a prototype we don’t have much information yet, but we do know that the rear Hook-A-Lift connects to a two-inch receiver hitch and has a 275-pound capacity.

It seems like it would make loading up the back of your side-by-side a much easier task. Cycle Country has hunting applications in mind, but just working around the property and loading up a pile of logs or moving some rocks would be a lot more appealing with an accessory like this.

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