We decided to dig into the 2018 Cub Cadet Challenger 750 pros and cons to showcase some of the features that stood out to us.

Last year we witnessed the development of many new Utility style Side-by-Sides. One company that came into the market with an impressive new machine was Cub Cadet. Cub Cadet has proudly built machines in the USA since 1961 and in states including Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky as well as Mississippi. Although the company had previously released an offering to the uUility UTV buying public, the new Cub Cadet Challenger 750 would be a fresh and new face for its efforts.

The Cub Cadet Challenger 750 uses a 735cc mill that is fuel injected and provides the push for working off-road. The engine and some of the framework have striking similarities to the Rhino platform, but I think had some fresh developments to make some improvements. Yet some would say the most appealing part of the Cub Cadet deal is that these machines come with an incredible list of accessories already installed on what is considered a base unit. This adds an additional amount of value for a budget-minded buyer. Having spent a full day in this machine there were some things that became clear and here are our findings.

Cub Cadet Challenger 750 Pros

Cub Cadet Challenger 750 Winch

The Challenger 750 is loaded with accessories like this 3500-pound winch.

Looks Like a Winner

The overall first look impression is very well received. The design and very current look grabbed our attention before we exited the bus for the ride. The sleek over-fenders for mud protection flowed well and the cab as well as the bed integration just seemed to be well thought out.

Protection from the Elements

With a full cab including a front and rear window you are definitely covered in the event of a rain shower or mud shower should the trails get nasty. These poly molded features seem to be rugged and fitment was on par. Underneath the vehicle the skid plates would keep unwanted debris at bay as well. As we mentioned before the over-fenders kept the tires from throwing up any loose stones or mud from the trail.

Factory Installed Accessories

These little gems ranged from a winch to bumpers and the full doors. It continued with full windshield, side mirrors and performance-adjustable shocks. The sporty aluminum wheels and custom bumpers just seemed to sweeten the pot even more.

Cub Cadet Challenger 750 Cons

Cub Cadet Challenger 750 Profile

Steering Effort

I have to admit that the steering on the Cub Cadet 750 was light as expected in two-wheel drive. However, once the other wheels were engaged and the drive lock had been set in motion the steering became very heavy. It was tough to negotiate turning around at very slow speed. I understand Cub Cadet may be working on a Power Steering model for its products and it is an accessory option, but factory installed and included in the price point would be more attractive. Let’s hope it comes quickly.

Power Level

Maybe a little more pep in its step would be nice! This is one thing that seemed to be noticeable right out of the gate. Now taking into consideration that the engines have highly restricted emissions it could just be a simple matter of tuning, but we did find that the power was a little too laid back for a 735cc mill.



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jrgrey says:

The reviewer must be asleep at the wheel. The 750EPS Challenger Black model has been out for some time; I bought mine in September of 2017! Power steering is great by the way!

Dale Meyer says:

I’m thinking of buying a 750 with p/s. How do you like yours so far? I did test drive one and I found it to be a big improvement over the old 700 model.

jrgrey says:

We are very happy with the EPS on the Challenger. There have been no issues with it & you still have that in touch feeling of the trail/road with the steering. Very smooth & it works as advertised. Very nice to have in tight spaces, especially in 4-wheel drive.
The machine as a whole has been very good. There was an issue with a computer board but the dealer replaced it and there has been no issues since. I do agree with you that the machine is an big improvement over the older models.

Dale Meyer says:

Have you done much work or trail riding with it so far? Does it feel it has enough power, since its only rated at 37.5 horse power? Thanks for the feedback.

jrgrey says:

Since the computer board replacement, we noted a more smooth running machine. As far as power, it is fine for us but I don’t drive & run as fast as it will go. Our top speed on a ride maybe 35mph, most of the ride is 5mph or less on our own property comprised of wood trails & edge of fields. It does all that we need; a couple of horses more, while nice, did not compute for us nor do we need them to this point. We had looked at Polaris but decided for the money & our needs they would be met quite nicely with this unit. This unit will never match the 60+hp machines of Polaris for straight out running. Biggest thing for us to use on the Challenger is a tank sprayer, which it handles very well. We also really like the styling of the 750 Black EPS.

Dale Meyer says:

Thanks for the update.

Mark Houtz says:

I just bought the Cub Cadet 750 and own a Polaris 800HP. The only two differences I have noticed is the top speed on the Polaris is more than needed, the Cub Cadet offers a much more solid performance off road. No real complaints about either other then the Cub Cadet offers so much more standard for the price.

Carol Lumbert Linton says:

I just purchased a Cub Cadet Challenger 750 EPS. When driving on the road it is a very bumpy road, is this normal?

Perry Durham says:

I’ve owned two challengers!!! Right out of the box nothing but problems! Both had head gasket leaks, both had the seals go out in the front end! Both had over heating problems, I take care of my stuff ! it was never abused in any way other than the grandkids spilling soda! And what made me get rid of the last one was the warranty was about up when a lot of the repairs was done and I ask the dealer if this same thing happen again would it be covered by cub and I was told no because the warranty would be out!! I did love the features of the atv that’s why I thought I traded up with the 700, neither atv went on a trail I just used them on my property and both had less than 500 miles when I traded them in! In short it’s a great idea with all the features But Cub cadet needs to take the China element out of this machine! Frankly the drive train was China junk! I bought a Polaris ranger not one problem over 3 yrs!

mr. Ed says:

I bought the 2017 750 challenger new. 67 hours and motor blew. warranty expired at 65 hours. found to have metal shavings in engine . was covered and new engine installed. 100 hours and muffler rusted and fell off. now at 150 hours oil pouring out bottom. engine starts and runs but cant find where it’s leaking. I don’t drive over 40 mph did i buy a lemon???

Todd says:

I bought my challenger in 2018. It’s has spent most of its time in the shop being repaired. In the three years I’ve owned the challenger I’ve spent $4500 having it worked on.
Don’t make the same mistake I made.

Sir says:

I bought a new Cub Cadet 2017 eps had 100 hours timing chain came off it bent the valve 1.8000 dollars then 7hrs later same problem Cub cadet said it’s out of warranty this is a lemon for sure. I haven’t abused it at all. Just junk in opinion should have bought Polaris !!!

mr. Ed says:

I was told the yamaha 686cc 50 hp would bolt right up and replace the 750 hisun engine. does anyone know? first engine had metal shavings and blew. new on replaced under warranty. it crapped out. took back to dealer. they wouldnt do anything. got a hold of suppiler in texas. told me no record of new replacement. ran serial numbers . was a used engine . went back to dealer again. low and behold they went belly up. I am one p[ssed off veteran

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