Kawasaki Teases New Ridge UTV For 2024 Debut

Ross Ballot
by Ross Ballot

Despite leaving its ATV lineup largely untouched as of late, Kawasaki appears to be doubling down on its UTV offerings and is kicking off 2024 by unveiling an all-new model. Named "Ridge," the machine will be revealed on January 23, 2024 and the brand has already begun the rollout of teasers to keep the market interested. What we know might not be much, but what we can extract is certainly eye-opening.

"Peak Premium Performance" is what the Ridge promises as per the phrase describing the new Ridge side-by-side on its landing page. Kawasaki's site boats big promises and, while the teasers are short, we can pull a bit of interesting information from them. The first of the three teasers is opposite the phrase "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING." It's hard to make much out from the short thirteen-second clip, but the machine shown seems to have a large hood scoop, a windshield, and perhaps even windshield washer jets. The next quick teaser reflects "OFF-ROADING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME." It appears to show four coils, indicating this could be a four-cylinder engine.

The brand does have some wild powerplants up its sleeve, like the 998cc supercharged four-cylinder in its ludicrous Ninja H2 hypersport motorcycle, and if you listen closely the soundtrack could be made out to be that of forced induction. The final teaser tab boasts, "AN ENTIRELY NEW WAY TO EXPERIENCE A KAWASAKI SIDE X SIDE." This teaser confirms a windshield and a windscreen wiper, and we can also make out an automotive-style gauge cluster cowl plus what is likely an infotainment screen.

What's to come is anyone's guess, but based on the recent onslaught of envelope-pushing machines from Can-Am and Polaris, we're hedging bets that this is Kawasaki's response to the unlimited-class models being offered today. Stay tuned.

Ross Ballot
Ross Ballot

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