Cold Weather Offers Argo A Chance To Test EV Tech

The cold weather that hit most of North America over Christmas has lots of us shoveling and otherwise working hard to keep Old Man Winter at bay. But Argo sees the cold snap as an opportunity! Argo says it's been out testing its electric ATV, the Atlas, in this weather bomb, seeing how it handles the extreme temperatures.

Photo: Argo

It's research that's worth doing, since EVs often suffer from reduced range and other woes in cold temperatures.

See more on this from Argo in the press release below:

Photo: Argo

ARGO Atlas EV is putting electric to the test

ARGO, manufacturer of ATVs, SxSs, UTVs and the worldwide leader for amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs) has been taking advantage of Minnesota’s frozen tundra this winter.

Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes, which boasts a record low of -60°F (-51°C), and a record high of 115°F (46°C) makes this the perfect testing grounds for ARGO’s all-new Atlas EV amphibious XTV.

Based out of their Thief River Falls Minnesota facility, ARGO engineers were very busy cold weather testing the Atlas EV over the holiday season.

Putting the 48V system to the test; battery life, run times and gauge functionality are just some of performance evaluations being performed in temps that have reached lows of -24°F (-31°C) so far this season.

Overall performance continues to impress in some of the harshest conditions as the ARGO E-SteerTM transmission has not missed a beat and continues to perform seamlessly with progressive maneuvers.

Having over 12” (30 cm) of ice on the lakes meant amphibious testing will have to wait until the spring. However, the feeling of floating was achieved cruising across the ice, proving yet again ARGO XTVs are a true “Go Anywhere” machine.

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