Off-Road Trails: Texas

From deep mud to desert-style terrain, Texas has it all

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As you all know, everything is bigger in Texas. The trails in the great state are also pretty astounding. Getting out with family and friends can be an adventure for thousands of miles and the terrain can vary from incredibly flat to extremely rocky and technical. From the desert-like flatland to the hill country, you will find a variety of terrain for any off-road vehicle.

Riding on the eastern side of Texas you will find plenty of mud-centric off-road parks and places to play where big events like the ATV Mud Nationals were born. Almost everywhere in the state, there are also large plots of land surrounded by farms and general exploration of farm-rich property is always a great way to treat the entire family to a weekend of relaxation on the trail. Texas does a great job for the sport of off-roading and riding here is always adventurous.

Finding lodging around the many off-road parks and OHV riding areas is as simple as engaging the locals for that great bed and breakfast referral or simply pulling up to a chain motel. Traveling the roads of Texas, you are sure to find plenty of stores and restaurants for daily needs. If you happen to find a Buc-ee's, do not pass it up as it is a wonderland of off-road supplies for the family.

Destination Yamaha

If you are looking for an off-road adventure in Texas but you don’t feel like towing an ATV or UTV all the way there, Destination Yamaha has a location in texas where you can rent a machine.

These rental partners have everything you need for an amazing off-road experience aboard a Yamaha ATV or UTV on some of the best terrain in the state.

  • Distance 25+ Miles
  • Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
  • Trailhead Bridgeport, Texas

Northwest OHV Park

Situated near the small town of Bridgeport Texas, the Northwest OHV park provides a weekend of fun for the off-road family. This trail system, owned by the city of Bridgeport, has approximately 25 miles of trail utilizing about 300 acres of property. Open only on the weekends, the OHV ride park provides camping locations for those who want to spend the night. The desert-style terrain offers plenty of amateur skill level riding with some sections of trail being designated moderate. Although there are some small ponds, riding in the ponds or even swimming has not yet been permitted. The wooded sections and powerline portions of trail provide adventure for those looking to explore.
ATV Trails texas
  • Distance 13 Miles
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Lubbock, Texas

Buffalo Springs Lake OHV Area

As the name implies, the Buffalo Springs lake OHV is indeed located near the town of Lubbock, Texas and surrounds the lake there. This scenic location provides riders of all ages a place to hang out with family and friends and enjoy the sport of off-road. This area offers many different terrain types from hard pack and fast paced to slower humpy and bumpy trails to make things interesting. If you want to camp, Buffalo Springs OHV has some full RV hookups as well as shaded primitive camping spots.
  • Distance 25+ Miles
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Marble Falls, Texas

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Although this particular park is privately owned, access is still permitted for a fee. Hidden Falls AP is located in Marble Falls, Texas and can be a full weekend of riding for all ages. From wooded trails to hilltop scenic views, this park has plenty of fun for the entire family. Permitting anything from the average ATV to a full size UTV, this park gives the adventurer a place to hang for the weekend. If you plan on staying a while you have a choice of several ways to harness your inner squatter. From bunkhouses to RV campsites, you have a place to call home for a few days.
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