Off-Road Trails: Utah

Where rocks, sand, and hundreds of wooded acres and adventure go hand in hand

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Riding off-road in the huge state of Utah is one of the most checked bucket list items of any ATV or UTV enthusiast's life. The adventure of destinations like Moab and the Paiute trail bring so much fun with family and friends. There are many very rugged sections to this state, but there are also many that cater to beginners.

One unique facet of riding in Utah is that many small towns are very off-road friendly. Local businesses will cater to the off-road crowd and there are always great facilities to camp or lodging for those who wish to "rough it," city slicker style. With proper permits you can ride your machine right down the streets of many towns as long as you obey the local laws as you would in your automobile. KOA and other RV campgrounds are scattered around the state as it is a destination for adventure for many families.

When talking of terrain in Utah, it is really all over the board. There are obviously massive rock formations that everyone wants to try and there is also plenty of sand combined with rocks. Locations like Sand Hollow Recreation area give off-roaders and their family plenty of variety from mild to wild dune riding as well as some super technical rocks like the "Double Sammy" to test that slow crawl technical adventure that Utah is known for.

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  • Size Thousands of Acres
  • Skill Level Moderate to Experienced
  • Trailhead Moab, Utah

Moab OHV Trails

Moab OHV trails have been the talk of every ATV or UTV owner that yearns for the technical and exciting rock-climbing experience in their new machine. This area is world-renowned for its technical slick rock and off-road trails, but it also offers sand trails and the area is chock full of scenic points for that family selfie. No matter the terrain you are riding, you will see some amazing scenic views.
ATV Trails utah
  • Distance Thousands of Miles
  • Skill Level Moderate to Experienced
  • Trailhead Beaver, Richfield, Salina or Filmore, Utah

Paiute Trail

Giving riders of any ATV or UTV off-road vehicles over 1000 miles of trails, the Paiute Trail system is Utah's longest and one of the country's most popular off-road trail systems. Located in South-Central Utah, the Paiute trails can be accessed from small towns like Beaver, Fillmore, Richfield and Salina. Each of these towns offer all the necessary accommodations as well as lodging for those who want to take their family along for an extended stay. Riders can ride from town to town while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the national forest and surrounding mountains. Riders can also enjoy stops along the way to fish or camp.
  • Distance 50+ Miles
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Hurricane, Utah

Sand Hollow State Park

Located just east of St. George, Utah, Sand Hollow State Park is nestled in the mountains of Hurricane Utah and provides plenty of adventure for the off-road family. Although Sand Hollow stretches its boundaries wide, the only place to enter the park is through Hurricane. Made up of incredible red sand dunes and rock canyons, Sand Hollow gives such variety that you can ride for a few days without losing interest. Trails like the "Double Sammy" are great for testing the features of your UTV. The lake at Sand Hollow allows adventurers and their families to enjoy some fishing or even swimming after the ride.
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