Top 10 Products From 2016 High Lifter Mud Nationals
Products any mud-rider can appreciate Over the many years we have visited the High Lifter Mud Nationals, the aftermarket has been out in full force with many…
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Dealer Expo Spotlight: O-Liminator
It won’t make you ride faster, but O-Liminator will help your gear smell a little better.O-Liminator was our favorite product at the Dealer Expo for un…
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Dealer Expo Spotlight: J-Wheelz
Dealer Expo Spotlight: HiPer PROFill System

Long known as one of the top ATV wheel manufacturers in the industry, HiPer Technology has expanded to flat prevention.

HiPer debuted its new PROFill flat prevention system at the Indy Dealer Expo and this could be the ATV product to watch in 2010.

The engineers at HiPer have been working on the PROFill system for more than a year. The system is made up of foam inserts, but unlike other flat prevention systems, the PROFill system won’t absorb water and is very light weight. According to HiPer, the system also provides improved cornering by eliminating chatter and vibration.

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Dealer Expo Spotlight: Tamarack Realtree Lounger
Tamarack ATV Accessories had a few interesting new products on display at the 2010 Dealer Expo, including a brand new lounger and front box in Realtree camo.…
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Don't Try This at Home: ATV Spike Wheels

We have a hard time questioning old-fashioned American ingenuity after watching our latest YouTube find (available after the break).

It seems somebody had the brilliant idea of building a set of ATV wheels that could take you just about anywhere. To achieve his goal of go-anywhere wheels, our fearless fabricator welded 5/8” round bars to old car wheels and attached them to a 2000 Honda FourTrax 350.

Are they fuel efficient? No. Are they quiet? No. Are they good for your ATV? No. Are they trail legal anywhere? Hell no! However, you can’t deny that they are effective. Sure, you’ll destroy whatever trail you ride them on, but you can be certain you’ll make it up that slippery hill or through that muddy bog. That’s enough to bring a tear to the eye of any garage inventor looking for his big break.

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