Cycle Shack North

Rated #20 in Texas
1101 I-45 South
Conroe, Texas
User Reviews
  • By E.C. Walker (I am a Customer) on Jan 24, 2014

    I recently purchased a new ATV from Cycle Shack and was seriously torn on doing so. Many of the reviews I read online were not good. ESPECIALLY the Service Department. I ended up going in just before the new year because the other Honda dealer was closed for the week and I thought I could get ...

    I was quickly greeted by a Salesman (Keith King) that was friendly and seemed to know the products. I teetered back and forth between a Foreman and Rancher but ultimately decided to go with the new Foreman after he answered several questions I had. (I actually mentioned to him that their reviews online were horrible and asked if he had any comments. He said they'd been through several Service Managers but that the main reason people have issues is that they just drop something off and don't schedule an appointment. If that happens, Service usually doesn't do a very good job of giving a realistic ETA because of those that have appointments.)

    Anyway, I purchased the bike, went back about a month later for my first service (~$250.00 and yes I made an appointment). Service Advisor Gary Mansfield couldn't have been nicer. They had my bike completed on-time, with no issues.

    Overall, very pleased with the Customer Service from everyone involved. I didn't rate them any higher on pricing because they don't do much negotiating. They might throw in a $100 seat for nothing but that's about it.

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  • By John tucan (I am a Customer) on May 28, 2013

    The service center sucks! The service manager rolled his eyes and acted like I was bothering him i. Also all he told me was "unload it and I'll start the paperwork, btw it should take at least 2 weeks". He didn't even tell me what he thought was wrong, just named off stuff that it could be. Didn't ...

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