2013 AMA MAXC Racing Series Report: Round 1

Taking a break from the Grand National Cross Country Series, Walker Fowler picked up a win in the season opener of the 2013 AMA MAXC Racing Series in Canaan, Ind. at Monster Mountain XC.

Fourteen Pro AA ATV racers lined up to do battle at Monster Mountain. Among the lineup were many of the top ATV racers in the country, including Fowler, 2012 MAXC reigning Pro AA ATV Champion Ryan Lane, Kevin Cunningham, Taylor Kiser, Johnny Gallagher, Mike Pflum and Jay Humphrey.

Despite the lead changing hands many times throughout the seven-lap race, it was Am-Pro Yamaha’s #2 Fowler who crossed the finish in first aboard his Yamaha YFZ450R ATV. Fowler had a mid-pack start and made his way up from fifth place to first to earn the win.

“The track as awesome the parking lot was the muddiest spot except the creek bed we ran, it was pretty bad,” says Fowler. “You just had to play it smart but we had to submarine it a little bit and I think the motor is pretty much toast, but I had a blast doing it!”

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