Watch Out For Trees and Flying ATVs + Video
We're not sure what makes this hillclimb more difficult; the trees that seem to jump out in front of riders, or other riders taking each other out?
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GNCC Pro Brycen Neal Gets Tossed and Recovers in Just 6 Seconds + Video
Brycen Neal shows just why he's one of the top GNCC racers in the country by recovering from a crash and getting back on track in just a few seconds.
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How Would You Feel About an ATV Riding Over Your Head? + Video
We love seeing all of the crazy features that today's course builders are adding into tracks and over-under's like this one are becoming very popular.
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Yamaha Celebrates 2012 ATV Racing Success

Yamaha ATV Racers have earned 2012 season championships in motocross and cross-country, from North America to the Southern Hemisphere, all aboard the YFZ450R.

Yamaha employees gathered outside of the company’s U.S. headquarters in Southern California to celebrate their champions and make their annual Feed the Children food drop along with the Star Touring and Riding Association. This year Yamaha helped raise more than $27,000 through employee donations and corporate fund raising efforts that will provide food and essentials for approximately 2,000 families across the country through next year.

Among the champions in attendance for the Yamaha celebration and food drop were Chad Wienen and Traci Cecco-Pickens.

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