Poll: How Many US States Have You Ridden an ATV or UTV In?
Are you one who typically stays close to home or have you loaded up the family and headed cross country to explore a new off-roading destination?
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Poll: Do You Primarily Ride on Public or Private Land?
Depending on where you live, riding your ATV or UTV might involve a several hour haul to a trail system or even a private off-road park.
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See What The Durhamtown Plantation Has To Offer in Just 60 Seconds + Video
If you've never been, this short video will give you a little taste of everything that the Durhamtown Plantation has to offer in under 60 seconds.
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Windrock Challenge UTV Obstacle Course + Video
Windrock Offroad Park has something for everyone. Hundreds of miles of trails, a massive mud bog and even their own UTV obstacle course.
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Northern Pennsylvania Considering New ATV Park
In a bid to attract ATV riders and their money to the area, the Northern Pennsylvania community of Northumberland County is looking into building a new ATV park.

According to a report in the Daily Item
, a county commissioner envisions the park providing a boom for the local economy as ATV riders stay at hotels, eat at restaurants and spend money in the area.

“If we can do this in the next five years, the entire Valley would be booming,” Vinny Clausi tells the Daily Item. “This would be such a great thing to have.”

Clausi sees the success of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails in southern West Virginia and thinks it can be replicated in Pennsylvania. The trails generate nearly $8 million every year and almost 45 businesses have opened since the park began operations in 2000.

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