ATV Racers Get Into Pathetic Fight [video]

You can’t be good at everything. For example, just because ATV racers are good at going fast on ATVs doesn’t mean they are good at fighting.

Some kind soul posted a video on YouTube recently that proved just that as two racers got into a dustup in the middle of a woods race. Getting into a fight is generally a bad idea, but we must admit that you do take a little of the danger out of the equation when you’re wearing full protective gear – including helmet, goggles and chest protector!

Even without all this protective equipment we figure the damage would have been minimal as these pitiable pugilists didn’t exactly pose any threat to Manny Pacquiao or Georges St-Pierre. They did more falling down than actually hitting each other, which was probably for the best. They probably would have broken their hands had they actually connected. Check out the video below the jump to see for yourself.

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