UTV Driver Going Weightless + Video
We're pretty sure this guy's not an astronaut in training but this video shows exactly how weightless the contents of your machine can be if not secured.
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Video Game Review – ATV Offroad Thunder
Who says nothing in life is free? We ran across yet another free on-line ATV video game called ATV Offroad Thunder.

This is kind of a racing/freestyle hybrid game. The goal is to finish each level before your time expires and get enough points to qualify for the next level. The way you get points is to pull off big tricks – jumps, flips, and seven signature tricks. The more tricks you successfully pull off, the more points you get.

You start the game with only one ATV choice and three signature tricks. As you pass levels, more tricks and more ATVs are unlocked.

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Don't Try This at Home: ATVs on Ice

YouTube strikes again! As we were combing the on-line universe for the latest and greatest ATV action, we stumbled (pardon the pun) across this gem of a video featuring two guys having a little trouble getting an ATV off a patch of ice.

We offer this video to you not as a means to teach you anything or to give you any insight whatsoever into the fine sport of ATV riding. Instead, we present this video only to brighten your day as you can’t help but laugh when you see people slip, slide, and fall on the ice.

After a minute or so we found ourselves pushing for our two heroes to finally make some headway on their slippery escapade. Alas, we never find out how (or if) the Honda sport quad makes its escape. Hopefully they didn’t have to wait until spring. Check out the video after the break.

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