Polaris Not Producing Outlaw 450 MXR in 2011
Polaris recently sent out pricing info for all its 2011 ATVs and Rangers and conspicuously absent is the Outlaw 450 MXR and Outlaw 525 S. The only Outlaw listed was the venerable 525 IRS model.

We asked Polaris about the state of the two missing Outlaws and we were told that neither will be produced in 2011.

So is this the end of the Outlaw 450 MXR and 525 S? Perhaps not. It’s possible that Polaris produced enough of these models in 2009 and 2010 that it could keep up with demand for 2011. In fact, this is not an entirely unusual practice. The most recent example is Suzuki, which released only a few 2010 models late in that model year due to low consumer demand thanks to the economic crisis. Suzuki is back on track in 2011 and production has resumed. We suspect Polaris to do the same in 2012, though we won’t know for sure until next summer.

Also of note, Polaris won’t be producing the Sportsman 300 in 2011. This is the end of the line for what used to be the entry-level Sportsman.

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