Check Out This "Fresh" Polaris Technology From 1985 + Video
Take a peak inside the Polaris archives with this vintage promo video featuring the Trail Boss 250 and the Scrambler 250 three-wheeler.
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Is Polaris Dominating The Competition in Sales?

Polaris made a presentation to its investors earlier this month, which contained some stunning claims.

Riding the success of its Ranger and RZR side-by-sides, Polaris’ presentation shows it has a significant North American market share advantage over any of its competitors. While no direct comparative numbers were provided in the presentation, Polaris did include one graphic which showed its rise in market share from 2005 through 2012.

According to this graphic, in 2005 Polaris was just behind Yamaha in third place with Honda in front by a comfortable margin. By 2008 Polaris and Honda were neck and neck, but Polaris was only beginning its ascent. The graphic seems to imply that in 2012 Polaris sold about twice as many models as any other manufacturer. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt as side-by-side data for Polaris competitors is only an estimate. Regardless, while Honda and Yamaha are shown to have dipped significantly since the recession started, Polaris has gotten much, much stronger.

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Polaris Posts Record Third Quarter Sales

Polaris Off-Road Vehicle sales are up 25 percent in the third quarter.

Every three months Polaris sends out a quarterly report on sales figures and profit margins. We’re certainly not experts in business, but it’s difficult not to notice that Polaris has been thriving in recent years while many other manufacturers continue to battle a tough economy.

Polaris has reported record third quarter sales (three months ending Sept. 30, 2011) of $729.9 million, up 26 percent from last year’s third quarter sales of $580.1 million. Through the first nine months of 2011 Polaris has totals sales of $1.87 billion. This sales growth was felt across all product lines (Off-Road, Snowmobile, On-Road, and Parts, Garmets & Accessories).

Off-Road Vehicle sales, comprised of ATVs and Ranger side-by-side vehicles, increased 25 percent year-over-year, to $486.2 million, during the third quarter 2011. According to Polaris, this increase reflects significant North American market share gains for both ATVs and side-by-side vehicles. Through the first nine months of 2011, Off-Road Vehicle sales have reached $1.36 billion.

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