Fast Females: 9 of the Top Women in UTV Racing
Lets face it, up until recently, UTV racing was primarily a male dominated sport. These nine women UTV racers are working to change all of that.
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Kawasaki Team Ready for 25th Annual Rallye Aicha Des Gazelles

Team Kawasaki IMG Motorsports is just weeks away from their debut in the 25th Annual Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in Morocco Africa, an all female race that doesn’t reward speed, rather a team’s skill at navigating the shortest distance point to point (without the aid of GPS).

Team Kawasaki IMG Motorsports will be challenged with plotting their route using only maps, a plotter and a compass on an unmarked course that can take longer than sunrise to sunset to reach the goal checkpoints in the day. Each morning they will receive their map along with a coordinate or distance and heading to checkpoint 1 and once there they will receive a “Road Book” containing geographic coordinates and or headings and distance of the day’s checkpoints and last checkpoint of the day being their Bivouac where they do all they can to recover and prepare for the next day. The course is completely off-road and redesigned each year, making this rally not just physically exhausting but also mentally taxing.

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