New Anti-Theft Device for ATVs and UTVs Released

ATV and UTV enthusiasts looking for a way to protect their vehicles from theft now have a new option in the marketplace. Inilex has released SkyLINK PowerSport, an advanced vehicle recovery system that uses a combination of GPS, wireless and satellite technologies to track and recover stolen motorsport vehicles in real time.

“Powersport vehicles have two strikes against them when it comes to theft – they’re easier to steal than cars because they can be placed in a truck bed, and they’re more difficult to recover because they can be easily hidden and their parts can be quickly altered,” says Michael Maledon, CEO of Inilex. “SkyLINK PowerSport tackles both of these issues by tracking its location whether it’s running or not, and ensuring the theft is reported as a crime in progress, triggering police to take immediate action.”

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