Yamaha GRANTs Support 4,500 Miles of OHV Trails in 3rd Quarter 2011
Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A.’s, OHV Access Initiative – Guaranteeing Responsible Access to our Nation’s Trails (GRANTs) – has announced a significant contribution to the nation’s OHV trail network with GRANTs funding five projects in the third quarter that support 4,500 miles of OHV trails across the country. Further, the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative announces the schedule of submission and decision deadlines for 2012 with a call to the OHV community to identify quality projects for consideration of support from the GRANT fund.

“More than 160 Yamaha GRANTs have been awarded since the Initiative’s inception in 2008, but we want to do more,” says Steve Nessl, Yamaha ATV and SxS marketing manager. “The Yamaha OHV Access Initiative has grown into the number one industry resource for the OHV community in its support of riding areas across the country, and we encourage riders and public land managers to work together to identify and submit projects for consideration of a GRANT.”

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