2016 Polaris Sportsman 850 High Lifter Edition Orange Madness

  • Year: 2016
  • Color: Orange
  • Mileage: 1,067 Miles
  • Location: BIG BEND, WI, US
  • Price: $7,999

Product description


2016 Polaris Sportsman 850 High Lifter Edition Orange Madness

Features may include:

Purpose Built For The Mud
  • 29.5 High Lifter Outlaw 2 Tires with steel wheels

Stock 29.5 inch High Lifter Outlaw II tires are mounted on each corner. Giving you a true to size tire, with exceptional ride and handling and enough grip to get you to the end of the mud hole before your buddies.

  • Shielded Snorkeled Clutch & Engine Ducting

Shielded air and clutch intake and clutch outlet snorkels ensure the power plant breathes while minimizing water and debris ingestion. High mounted vent lines ensure reliable performance.

  • Rack Mounted Radiator with Industry Exclusive Inverted Dual Fans

Superior Cooling with a relocated, rack mounted radiator with inverted dual fans, an industry-exclusive design that pulls clean air through the bottom of the radiator for improved cooling and reduced clogging.

  • Class Leading 78 Horsepower ProStar 850 Twin EFI Engine

The High-Output 850 Twin EFI engine with a SOHC cranks out 78 HP. It delivers outstanding acceleration off the line with incredible power to the ground. Add-in a clean fuel burn and smooth power delivery with dual-balanced shafts and youve got the power you're looking for to trail ride and hunt.

  • On-Demand True AWD

The best automatic 4x4 system in the mud, the AWD engages all four tires when the rear wheels slip and you need more forward traction and automatically reverts back to 2WD when you dont.

  • High and Low mud-specific transmission with lower gearing

Choose high gear while cruising between mud holes, once there shift to ultra-low gear for mud specific-torque designed for low speed mud crawling.

  • Hi-Clearance Arched Dual A-arm Suspension

Exclusive front and rear high-arched, constant radius dual A-arms maximize ground clearance by keeping the suspension out of the ruts and muck.

  • Articulating Rolled Independent Rear Suspension

The rear sway bar has been removed to allow the Independent Rear Suspension to fully articulate for superior traction and control in the mud.

  • Stiffer Springs For High Ground Clearance

Stiffer springs fight back when the mud piles up. Helping you maintain your 13.5" of ground clearance as the machine collects mud and overall weight increases.

  • Quick Clearing Footwells

Large, quick clearing floorboard cutouts minimize unwanted mud compaction keeping floorboards clear of debris maximizing rider control.

  • Sealed Single Beam Headlights and Sealed Key Switch

Sealed single beam headlights and a sealed key switch help protect the electrical system against moisture and debris.

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