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At Camel Tow, our repossession agents are highly passionate about doing their jobs well and adding measurable value for our clients. We are a proud family of over 150 duly licensed and insured recovery staff. With over 200 secure equipment storage facilities across the country, our repossession services are everywhere you need us to be, in all 50 states. Why use our repossession services? Experience consistent, high quality service anywhere in the U.S.A. Reduce your costs; improve your results One set of protocols and practices will be followed by all repossession agents, across the country Two layers of insulation against potentially expensive litigation State-of-the-art proprietary repossession and recovery tracking technology Let us provide you with a QUOTE to show you what we can do for you! Upgrade to a better way of recovering your assets. Cost overruns, upside-down recoveries, wrongful repossessions, improper transport and storage are risk realities in the world of commercial asset recovery. Asset Managers and Workout Professionals must mitigate these risks for their organizations, daily. Let us take care of your repossession needs for you. When you want the job done right the first time, especially in the equipment recovery field, there is simply no substitute for extensive repossession experience. When you choose camel Tow commercial repossession services to recover your equipment, you can rest assured that experience will be on your side. Our vehicles we offer are hand selected and are sold below market value this insures the bank gets there money and we can continue to to sell recovered motorcycles.
Ontario, California
Phone: 9093665327?
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