Frank's Motorcycle Sales

Rated #13 in Vermont
120 Center Road
Essex Junction, Vermont
We Carry: Yamaha
User Reviews
  • By Tom (I am a Customer) on Jun 09, 2018

    In 35 years of street riding, and 30 years of BMW motorcycle ownership, I have never had the misfortune of encountering such an awful dealership.

    I first went to Frank's about ten years ago. I had a vacation home in Vermont, so I would need occasional service away from my usual dealer ...

    Today, I went in for a Vermont State Inspection, since I live here full-time now. The front and rear touring tires on my R1200RT have 6800 miles on them, and the treads are NOT down to the TWI's, but Lester refused to give me a sticker unless I bought a front tire from him. I asked him to give me a "fail" sticker then, so I would be legal for 15 days, and he refused to do that as well. He admits that the tire is not down to the TWI, but says it's "not enough tread for us." This is just plain extortion.

    The irony is, if he had treated me decently for once, I would have bought a tire from him, had all my service done there, purchased accessories, and bought another bike, which I am in the market for. Now I will do all those things at MAX BMW in Troy, NY.

    My advice to those people moving to Vermont: either accept the long drive south for parts and service, or buy a Honda. Vermont's sole BMW motorcycle franchise is utterly unacceptable.

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  • By Phil (I am a Customer) on Aug 09, 2013

    My friend took his America to have it checked over he is a homeless Veteran. The owner agreed to check it over without charging him the bike was running but would have hesitation and backfire at times. My friend went to pick it up and the owner wanted over $400.00 for repairs when he said it would ...

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  • By Bmw R (I am a Customer) on May 06, 2013

    I will never go there again. Lester the owner is rude, he acts like he is doing you a huge favor. The girl who works the parts counter is always confused and doesnt know the answer. Very ,very poor experience. Id sell my bmw before id have to deal with this dealer.

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  • By Andy (I am a Customer) on Jan 13, 2013

    The technicians in the back are fantastic! Unfortunately the owner has them stay in the back and doesn't allow them to talk to you about your bike, what he found, or any suggestions he might have. This is a small dealer in a very rural state, not one of the superstores that have everything in stock ...

    But the owner's dour attitude and his often vulgar comments about non-BMW accessories or riding styles that don't match his own are unforgivable! My Kaoko throttle lock is, in his opinion, sure to cause my death. My PivotPegz will take off my foot in a low side. My Krista lights will cause the electrical system to malfunction. My Jesse bags put too much stress on the frame.

    And for all this attitude expect to pay top dollar! There's a reason so many of the locals make the four hour ride to the next closest dealer for their parts and service needs where customers are greeted with a smile and a fair deal.

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